Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This little old space of mine.

Its a funny little place this little old space of mine. 

I have made some glorious (what I would call) friends through this space and it has opened my eyes to a whole world that I never really knew existed until a few years ago.

Yet, it has been a very long time since I have been around these parts... or even looked at this space.

This space unfortunately was the space that I had to let go of because my life just became so... hectic... something had to give.

I have let go of a few things that were overwhelming and just plain old stressing me out. 

Then there was of course my main priority which was my family, and with my sleep defiant baby and a 5 year old was completely stressed out they needed me more and I needed the time to just be (when I was given the chance)

Monday was the very first day I had been on the PC in... well ... MONTHS, I swung by a couple of blogs to catch up first stopping over at Mummatells, have you been over to have a read? My words can not describe how much I love the way Rebecca writes.

Its been a funny crazy time. 

Hubby changing jobs.

We went on a last minute holiday to the Gold Coast and by last minute I mean I booked it 11 pm the Friday and we flew out Sunday 6am. lol

A suspicion arose and was confirmed on our return from our most amazing holiday that I was 8 weeks PREGNANT.

Finnley figured out this thing called walking

Ronan turned FIVE...

Finnley turned ONE!!!!!!

Finnley MASTERED walking

Ronan has been battling some serious Asthma.

Finnley has learnt (is still learning) how to self settle.

I released myself of some pretty big commitments at Ronan's Kinder. 

Ronan also as moved Kinders to what we call 'new kinder' and HE LOVES IT! Quite possibly THE best decision we have made in forever...

Hubby is loving his new work place.

I am more on top of things in our home.

We sat down as a fam and discussed 'Family time' and doing more of it... We have worked hard at it and we have done many things one being going to the zoo!!!!

I am sitting here typing to you and not feeling guilty that I should be doing quite possibly 2545345624.534 different other things... because THEY ARE ALL DONE!

This week I am twenty weeks pregnant.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

Life is busy. It is grand. It is not without its trials and tribulations.

But this is where I have been. This is where I am at and I hope I can make more of an appearance around these parts if you will have me.

Photo taken by James Fox

So, pop by say Hi and tell me whats been happening on your side of the screen?

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