Monday, 27 August 2012

3 years with you.

We have been together for what can feel like forever.
10 years to be in fact

But being married is different...

Its different because there is a bond there that no one else can ever be a part of.

Special isn't it.

Its a bond with inside jokes and memories of the good and the bad.

Its a bond that no matter how hard it is we are in it together.

Its a bond but more importantly its ours and
I am so SO glad I am sharing it with you.

Love you to the stars and back babe.

Always and forever.


*All photos by James Fox Photography

Sunday, 26 August 2012

You got {real} mail.

So lately I have been receiving letters in the mail...
I know right!!!
What is this concept... 
Mail coming to your house??? and not your inbox!
Get out!!!

As I was saying...
I have been receiving letters in the mail. Letters stating congratulations we would like to accept your son into our Kinder for next year...

Excuse me while I have a moment...

Right...So we didn't get accepted to the Kinder that we so desperately want him to get into... PANIC...
but he, we, he got accepted in to three others. 

Dear world, Please dont give an indecisive woman so many choices, especially uber important ones like kinder which lead to schools which lead to high schools and all sorts of future type things.

...You see I was bullied and bullied BIG all though school. But this was before the time people actually cared if you were bullied. And this/that affected me a great deal which I assume it would any one. AND it scares me greatly that this could happen to him....

I know, I know you cant control it all. You cant protect them from everything.blah blah blah... I get it.

So I had three to choose from... I got those choices down to two...
Then one...

I had to be at the kinder between 8 & 11.30 on Friday morning to sign paper work, show proof of age (again) and pay a deposit.

So my Son and I drove down to the Kinder and I sat just for a moment

or Two

to think about whether I was doing the right thing...making the right choice...

And that's the thing. I am qualified to teach him these things ( I have worked and studied in the industry for years)... Its trusting someone else to teach him these things properly that I worry about.

So it may have taken me a few extra minutes to get us out of the car and then we headed in, we walked past their playground and my son was super excited about the sandpit, the trees, the fairy garden... then we went inside where he took his beanie off and hung it in some ones empty pigeon hole (thanks Sebastian) We went down to the office, Master R sat in the chair in front of 3 women while I stood and answered questions, with tears in my eyes, I had to check myself twice. He also helped me answer questions and you and could hear the shyness in his voice.

He didn't want to leave. There was a class on and he wanted to play with the other children.
But with the promise of strawberries we made our way home.

And that was it ...
Now we wait to hear what days he will be attending Kinder.
I'm already prepared for the fact that I will probably be the one crying in the car park on his first day.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Isn't it...


Isn't it funny how things affect you...
Like how actions from people affect you.

Like how the news of a tragedy can make you stop and really think.

It makes you think about all those you have in your life.
It makes you think about all the friendships you have had in your life and why they are no more.
It makes you think about all those things you said you were going to do, but you have not crossed them off the list yet.

It makes you realise so much more about yourself and how much the past few months/years have changed you.

It makes you realise the things you DO have and that the things that you want/desire/dream of dont matter so much any more.

It makes you think if what you are doing is worthwhile.

We lost a man and a friend that everyone loves through a tragic accident. He was the peoples man and he basically had time for a chat with everyone and even if we haven't seen each other for... forever, it didn't matter because the conversations were still full and rich.

I have had more conversations in the last two weeks with people I haven't physically seen in years and

  Isn't funny how they still know you...

Like when they are sitting behind you in the service and they know you are crying before you really know you are crying and offer you a tissue
or 12. 

It's funny how fifteen years of friendship seems to just pick up from where it left off like the years where we spoke to each other on and off weren't really so.

It's like we only saw each other yesterday and there wasn't a gap in those fifteen years.

And words like, "we need to catch up for a drink" seem more real. Words like "I miss you" are taken more to heart.

Its funny how a hug can reduce two people to much needed tears just because we needed it.

Isn't it funny how one big change, can make lots of little changes.

for the better I hope.

Rest easy now friend.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Positive I will stay...

I'm having one of those mornings where I am trying to stay uber positive.
You know when your thoughts give you doubts and you feel your self believing them?
I'm trying to not let the nonsense take over today.
Perhaps its Mondayitis, Perhaps its the cant be bothereds.
Call it what you will, but positive I will stay...
I know of two people that would be very happy to read that right now... {Hi}


How do you stay motivated on Mondays???
How do you fight those negative thoughts?
What do you use lemons for?
Or are you more of a Lime lover??


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How I caught up on Project Life

You know how 'things' get in the way and all of a sudden you are weeks behind in your project life... Yep thats where I found myself so here is a quick{ish} Video on the weeks that I had to catch up on.

Now this is my first ever video and I have learnt a lot from it.
Please excuse my asthma voice.

Also, they are not as super amazing as some of the pages you see out there. But I would love to hear from you.

ANY questions please put them below.



Project Life week 30... I think...

I think its week 30, Im not really sure as I don't do my weeks that way. I write the dates on the card and thats about it. 

Okay lets begin...
I used another kit from Polka Dot Creative... seriously you need to get involved in this its good fun...

I did a lot of my journalling straight onto the photos this week, I do that every now and again and I love the variety it gives to each week.


The full layout without insert

Left side
I used a smash pad leaflet to journal about my sons favourite movies at the moment.
The lyrics on the white card are some from our wedding dance song.

Right side
Collage from Cathy Z, Instagram photos and journalling card from Kaiser.
The insert for this week

I just cut a design A in half and added a little Amy Tangerine tag so that we could see that it was an insert.

A few highlights for the week,

Using all parts of the kit

I have never added the menu before and I don't know why! I do love the thought of being able to look back on it. That delicious tag was made with my SMASH label maker which I am absolutely loving at the moment.

Again using all parts of the kit, including the paper bag that it came in as a double layered affect.

 Thanks for stopping by.
Any questions at all please ask below, would love to hear your thoughts...

Do you play with Project life? Or are you traditional Scrapbooker?
Would love to see some of your work on our facebook wall.

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