Friday, 30 March 2012

Lighter then I thought...

Okay this week has been a big week for me. 
The weeks gone fast
Master R as challenging
He was also unwell
I set myself a challenge
People have been supportive
I have learnt more about myself in the last week then I thought I would have.
I had moments of self doubt
I got messages of love...

Honey I’m crying right now! It is absolutely heartbreaking what you are going through my darling, and what you will continue to go through.
You are incredibly strong, you inspire me to always be stronger. You are like a rock to everyone around you, and I think it’s time people around you lent you some of their strength. You will probably need it.
I want to be here for you, for anything and everything you need. I have your back, I’m in your corner and I will not let you throw in the towel! I am certain there are many around you who will do the same. You are so very loved Tara, don’t ever doubt that.
I want to give you a big hug right now! Ok, when are you free so we can have a good chat about this? I’m free tonight....
Love ya guts gorgeous girl XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Just what I needed. HONESTLY.
Then it felt like I had a bit of 'buyers remorse' you know the whole... OMG what have I done! why did I just do that! GAH.
I spoke to the gym, I booked an appointment with the food coach 
I went to said appointment. 
I was given lots LOTS of information. 
This information was then explained. 
Sometimes I'm a bit dense especially when I'm anxious.
THEN it was the time for the weigh in and measure... dum dum duuuuuum...


Turns out. Not only am I lighter then I thought. I was a whole 5 FIVE kilos lighter then when I was weighed in for my surgery I had on the second of December last year! 
I was CERTAIN that I had put on a bazillion kilos since Christmas. 

So I walked away happy with that {I think}... mulling over the information I had just been given.
Thank fully there was a friend home who was up for a chat, to share overwhelming information with, while the kids played. 
ALSO just what I needed. 

THANK YOU for your support so far my loves.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Make way for change

Im not big on change, don't like it, never have. But something has to give. Right?

When the year was just a freshy, when the dust and smoke was still settling on the HAPPY NEW YEAR partays Husby and I sat around the table in our lounge and wrote resolutions which we called Goals individual ones for the two of us {we like to see each other as two ppl} and some as a family {the family unit is important also.}

I have never done it before. Sure when asked in the past we've probably mumbled the usual
Stop eating crap
Loose the Chrissy kilos
Exercise more.

This year was a bit different more individually orientated not what I thought others wanted to hear. Some points are similar to Husby's some are WAYYYY different. 

Here are some of what I wrote down
1} Be more organised
2} Make better food choices
3} Be the person I would want to meet
4} Get my Fiji body on
5} Learn to love myself
6} Be with those who also want to be with me
7} Stop disappointing myself

I am sharing for a reason. If you know then I have to do something right?

Well I am slowly taking charge of my organising
I have started making better choices in food especially when it comes to my allergies.
Has for the Fiji body, well I go for walks most days... if its not raining.

As for everything else its sort of out the window. Its March, almost the end of March actually and I think its fair to say that not much else has happened.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately which has made me regroup, re-assess, start again

One thing that didn't make the list I believe because its too painful is - extend the family

Yep we have trouble in this department I've heard it all really, It'll happen when you relax about it
It'll happen when you stop thinking about it
Take these drugs
Take these herbs
Take these vitamins
Have you considered alternatives
Put your legs up in the air

Everybody around us is having, has had, is lucky to have extended their families. 

We have one beautifully healthy, gorgeously mannered, funny, musically oriented son and we are grateful for him every day BUT we would love to give him a sibling.
When we first started planning our family we were planning on having the children around 2 to 2.5 years apart. Funny thing about plans they don't always work.

We have been told that our first born is some what of a miracle and that we may not be able to conceive successfully again.
Funny word success.


As I mentioned 2 and a half out of 6 goals are underway. This week THAT is CHANGING I have kept the same goals Im just looking at them differently.
If I get my Fiji body on I will Stop disappointing myself, Learn to love myself and be the person that I would want to meet.

There, 4 goals in 1

No pressure

To get my Fiji body on I set my self a challenge and it has a,
  • - Length of time - 10 Weeks
  • - Goal - 20 kilos
  • - That was daunting- So I broke it down p/w now its not so daunting
  • - To ask for help
Yesterday I asked a dear friend for help. Im not good at that. Don't think I have EVER done it before. I said, among many things...
... Im sick of always feeling lousy about myself and the factors of not being able to have another baby are playing on my mind...
She said YES {phew I was expecting rejection so that made my night}

Today I asked for help from family and another dear friend.
Okay its all in the open now. All eyes are on me.

Today is the day of change.

Today I am forcing myself to use whats left of my Gym membership and use it good. There is exactly enough weeks left as per my challenge, coincidence maybe, sign DEFINITELY.
You all know now So I have to do something about it. Watch this space WATCH IT! You never know I may just surprise you



Who knows... maybe if I relax enough in Fiji and hold my legs up just right... you never know.

Wish me luck.

From the mouths of babes sometimes hurts

The other day Master R all of 2 years and 9 months turned at me and said this...

... Mumma I have a little brother too? Like yayay me to Mumma please...
Enter heartbreaking sounds here

Yep that hurt sent me to tears. I put it on Facebook I got an out poor of love. But no one TRULY gets it, because

The conversation didn't stop there, he wanted explanation, he wanted an answer. SO in my best I'm not crying on the inside voice I explained loosely that there weren't any minis on the way soon {as much as we would like}

He doesn't need to know it all he doesn't need to know the struggle we are having conceiving. He doesn't need to know about the baby's we have lost along the way. He doesn't need to know that the whole subject gets me in a funk every time something new comes along. He doesn't need to know about the 16 SIXTEEN tests I had last year. He doesn't need to know that the docs think that he may have been a miracle.

The other day I read a blog post about success. What is success.

As she wrote she wasn't into the whole corporate job shiny car sort of biz and neither am I

All I can ever remember when in school and ppl were talking about careers and uni's I was sitting there thinking thats not for me. What is for me is a big troop of kids, a busy house, a tired Mumma and Dad, a dog or two, school drop offs/pick ups, kinder meetings. Swim meets, sports practice, noise, LOVE.

But alas its just not on the cards for us right now. sigh.

That day I saw this
Cant find the original source, shame cos its fabulous

It got me thinking... I think a change is in order

Sunday, 25 March 2012

F.Y.I this might be T.M.I

The past couple of weeks months have been tough {I've mentioned it briefly before I know} but for some reason I feel like writing about it.

I have medical issues... I see the doc a lot... A LOT
{FYI i DISLIKE waiting rooms it wouldn't be an odd sight to see me with 3 THREE bottles of hand sanitizer in my car}
I have germ issues... Ive been heard to say "I don't do germs"
I have trouble expressing myself to ppl for fear of conflict/judgement
I get along better with guys then girls, just the way it is I guess.

but in saying that...
I have always had trouble with friends... I don't know its just me and since having my son Ive learnt a lot about me and this is just one of those things... 
I have this friend Ive known her for a long time. She would be my longest friend bar maybe a handful from high school that I have recently gotten back in contact with.
When asked to describe me. She would IMMEDIATELY say without hesitation, without a bat of the eye lid... 
'oh Tara, shes a Prude [PAUSE] and a Bitch [PAUSE] BUT she is incredibly shy'
...Cant argue with that...

Love that girl

I was bullied throughout my ENTIRE schooling life

I FEAR that my son will have the same issues as me {friends wise/school wise} WHICH brings tears to my eyes just thinking about.

Choosing the right kinder & school is BIG on my list right now

Im emotional. The doc says thats got to do with my issues, but I've been a 'oh my god Oprah {spelt HARPO to make sure I had that right just then} just gave them all a car, Dr Chris just saved that puppy, Oh my god I hate that work safe ad' Crier all my life.

I have weight issues which is a combination of health issues from above and chocolate

When starting this blog I was unsure how I was to use it
* how much do I share
* does anyone care how much I share
* does any one care what I have to say

Then I thought I read other blogs A LOT lately some have helped, some have been purely for the step out of reality for a second type of entertainment  some have sparked my creative side.
So maybe my odd ramblings might help someone else... maybe, & if not at least my self.

I know I have tickets on myself and consider myself TOTALLY AMAZEBALLS! {word of the month you should join the club we're printing t-shirts} But there are days where things just feel like I get so far from the start and have to go back & and basically rethink and start again. 

IF ONLY MY FINGERS WOULD WORK PROPERLY. Im sitting here wrapped in a blanket with my little icicles fingers sticking out the front REFUSING to put the heater on because I refuse to believe the warmth is over AND I don't want to wake my loves snoring in the next room.


I made myself write a list of things I love and Not so Love about myself.

You know what its hard to write about what I genuinely love about myself.... Not so love, well I feel I could write a page in one motion but to sit and generally write about what i love... geebus... thats hard.
I would have loved to write a list of things to go below of all the soppy love love stuff that I do love/like blah blah but Im a realist and Im not there right now.


Right sorry

SO I came up with this...

My name is Tara, 
I'm a Gemini [explains a lot]  
I am almost 27 TWENTY SEVEN!
I slightly freaked about that last night at about 3.30 thats the first time I've ever freaked about my age.
I love LOVE my family of three, colour, paper, clouds and bubbles, I am not seen without a camera in hand/pocket/bra strap/bag. 
I love to cook/bake and get pleasure from ppl enjoying something that I have made from scratch.
I love the warmth of the sun on my back and the freedom of the beach. 
I am lucky enough to be a full time mum at home while my wonderful husby works his but off for us.

Some of that was slightly about me...right?

I have set myself some challenges/promises this week. 
Various things... Things for myself... Things that I hope make me love things about me...HA!

Im hoping to blog a bit more...
time with a busy two year old is a bit scarce but I'll make it work after all I am AMAZEBALLS{t-shirts}.

Challenge/Promise 1- Sort out all the photos on the bottom shelf in the craft cupboard {wish I had taken a photo... kinda forgot about that bit tho}

Challenge/Promise 2- get up to date with my sons albums... THAT IS 2 YEARS and {wait 6,7,8} NINE MONTHS worth of stuff/photos to sort, organise, prioritise all that bizzo.

Challenge/Promise 3- Do those scrap-booking layouts that when you took the photos you said "that'd be good to scrap like this" for some reason that said in a high pitched voice

Challenge/Promise A- Make a decorative piece for the home

Challenge/Promise B- Get the sewing machine OUT and make the things that you wanted to make with the material that you bought a cpl of weeks ago... its RED like FIRE ENGINE red.

Okay so reality is... there is a high like Eureka tower high possible chance that these may not be done in a week... BUT I Started the first three on Friday soooo things are looking UP!

Stick with me...please... <<<this IS going to be fun>>>

What do you do thats just for you?
How do you get yourself out of THAT rut?
Would L.O.V.E to hear from you...

Right Im off to edit some photos for my PL week :)
Tara x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Easter Crafts


Its a cold and shivery day here but am I not surprised it was hot yesterday so its to be expected with Melbourne weather.

We have been doing some Easter crafts in between the other regular crafts that we do.
We've had a good time doing them, bopping to music and having a laugh. Seriously who cant laugh when the person doing the crafts is being a digger... I said DIGGER! obsessed much.
Below are some of the things that we have done.

Egg chain...
Easter eggs on a chain... LOVE. Ill have to upload a pic later as its in bubs room and hes sleeping right now
 I got this printable download for the eggs from here.

This I drew myself! LOVE it and the way it came out.
 We have used the bunny a couple of times so far, one here...

Fluffy bunny...
 Easter chicks...
The paints are usually a lot brighter and I wasn't feeling it so we added some white to the paint to lighten them and I love the way they look now
I got the above printable from here 

And here is the bunny from above in use again...

Colourful Bunny...
crepe paper cut up thinly and the 'digger' went to work

So where do we put all these amazing creations you ask well...
They are here...

As I have mentioned before we have an itty bitty house and we make things work for us. This area is literally as you walk in the door. Which I love because we see all of this Easter goodness right as you walk in. The desk is an old coffee table with wicker baskets in the bottom of it and it fits in this area perfectly and has been his drawing table for as long as he could stand and draw. 

I'm big on having a space for children to have a place to express themselves when ever he has the need and I find he uses this space several times a day. 
This morning I found him cutting paper and putting it into the money box as 'money' and yes I said cutting {with real scissors} he was taught at a young age how to use them safely and we are super proud of him. This week we are promoting independence and thats were it led him this morning.

We also made this...
I drew the egg. It wasn't hard really its an egg shape.
It goes here...
This is also in our entry and opposite the drawing table from above.
There is the egg beside the fish tank and a jar full of 'egg' just for an extra special touch.

I love the way our little bit of decorating has changed the entry to our home. I have some more things planned.
Do you decorate for Easter? If so how?
Any questions about the above crafts or the links please ask below.
Thanks for stopping by
Tara x

Monday, 19 March 2012

PL week Mon12th to Sun18th March 2012

Bloggger is having issues apparently it wants to start with photos tonight. WORK WITH NOT AGAINST AS I ALWAYS SAY...
Right hand side. {sorry about the crookedness} from top left. Shopping day. Me. A journalling block. Sunday traditions. Thru the middle is the shopping receipt my son I waiting in the car. One of my favourite Teas at the mo. And a drawing from my son

My son playing guitar, a digi journalling block and Soccer time. thru the middle a new ap game the journaling for the three photos thru the middle, the BEST strawberries, and I found summer

Close up for the digi layout. and the journalling I inked the edges. I love this technique it's something Ive always done in my SB and I think it just gives that something extra

Close up of soccer time and the strawberries and the I found summer block. Used a digi clementine card and had it printed on photo paper

My son is slightly obsessed with guitars and he has an actual guitar but this one is a bit easier to hold

My insert is a WRMK protector and I added sand from the beach for the moment I have it stuck with regular wrapping tape until my order from Polka Dot Creative comes to my door and I can use this washi tape

the other side of my right side of my week

the journalling block is double sided and I used the stickers from the kit to make a little tab that I wrote pullout onto its not ideal but I think I like it.

6x12 of my son. I put a digi border around it because I thought it needed something else

Again with the 6x12 this time at the beach and I also added a border to this one so that it was uniform with the first

This is looking at the whole front of the insert. as I said earlier I had added sand. Also added lots of photos from our Sunday Funday.

This is the back side of the insert it is of the boys getting their haircuts. They let RJ draw on the mirror {as per his request} they love him there and he loves going there.

 Okay sorry about the randomness of the photos but I had so much trouble getting the photos up as it was I was just happy that they got there I just went with the flow in the end.

I had an amazing weekend {after a really rough and emotional few weeks} and I think/hope I captured that with my inserts. 
I did a few different things to the actual week layout and I am L.O.V.I.N.G the way that it looks. 
Any questions with anything from above or the link that I have mentioned please give us a shout below. Hope you enjoyed having a squiz now I am off to do the house work that I didnt get done today before my husband puts a lock on my craft cupboard lol as if. hahaha
Night guys x

Thursday, 15 March 2012

MY craft space

Hi again guys.

As promised here's a quick look at my craft space. As it is right now. Its not much but it works for me. 

I have a itty bitty house and all the rooms are purposed and we don't have a study or study type area. So this area is at one end of our lounge room.
We have to make things work for us basically if it doesn't
multi-purpose it is no good to us.

Okay so I use the top shelf of the toy cabinet which my Husby made {clever isn't he}
Excuse the toys, as I said I share my space.

Bit of a closer look. I keep most of my 'newer' papers at hand in some of the Becky Higgins boxes {LOVE} There is always an album on the printer. My sons art work in the frame leaning on the wall, some jars with ribbon and inks. The nappy box {wish I had something classier but its perfect for what I need} is full of packets of page protectors, ephemera and folders that have my sons ephemera in it by year.

As you can see I have plenty of space} to work in the middle {when the papers are not there}
And the whole are is perfect standing height so Im not always sitting which I LOVE.

Just another shot of the other side there is the comp desk {which my Husby also made} where I do my digi stuff and my little cabinet which can pull out and 'extend' the comp desk if I need it.
The top draw is for all my tools and necessity second is full of embellishments third is photos and forth fits TWO Becky Higgins Core Kits  The little pink folder tucked down the side is FULL of all sorts of 12x12 papers.

Well thanks again for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.

How do you make your craft space work.

Tara x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Project Life Overview

Okay, Hi my names Tara Im a Photo-a-holic.

Since I started this album {PL 365} I have taken 2931 photos and thats not including the ones that are on my phone at the mo. So this project has been a real learning curve of how to get my pics to REALLY say what I want them to say. I am finding that I am taking less pictures and more photos that mean more.

All of these photos bar a handful have been taken on my iPhone. {my beautiful camera pooped itself at our bi-annual mothers group family breakfast just before Chrissy}.
LUCKILY I had taken all the photos I had needed and was able to save most of them off my SD card. The camera was and is still under warranty and got shipped away for fixing I got an email the other day saying "they are still fixing it, we are waiting on parts" sigh

So excuse some of the quality of my photos, but who is saying they would of been any better if they were taken on an actual camera.
I am just going to touch over a cpl of weeks of my album, I am sharing these with the permission from my family and if at any stage they want me to stop sharing I will. After all its their life I am talking about.
Okay thats the formality's out of the way.


This is how my album looks right now...
Its full. I have another album on order... I think I may need a few this year. eeeep.

This is our cover page.

There are bios on each of us through the middle and family shots in the corners. I love the way its turned out actually {excuse the glare}

Okay this is the week just gone...week ummmm 12? I don't know I don't work that way let me know in the comments below if that's wrong.

Just a simple start to the week. Instagram pic added. Stickers from the kit added to journalling and the clip holding on the note next to my husby is a paper clip I picked up from Spotlight.

This is one of the inserts this week {took me a bit to get it looking right but i love the outcome}

There are some pics of friends so I wont show the whole other side. But I wanted to show my QR codes that Husby help me make to show the vids that I took from the show. LOVE I got the Inspiration from here its a long one but I am truly inspired by her and love her work.

I love mixing up my journalling with pics, textas stamps stickers chipboard

another insert, some easter art and the process

There were a total of 3 inserts this week and I cant show you them all in respect to friends. See the coloured paper in the back ground above. You will see that a fair bit that is a back of a 6x12 and I love the colour block through out the album I find it breaks it up a bit and makes it feel a bit 'fresh' lol.
The Easter insert is a 6x12 cut down and on the other side is some mail that my son received.

Okay. I think that'll do for todays post. 
Would love to hear what you think.
Any questions about anything above or anything else comment below.
Next post my craft space...
Thanks for stopping by 
Tara x

Monday, 12 March 2012

A brief{ish} look at MY Project Life and how it started

Who am I kidding... I don't know the meaning of brief... I will TRY to make it quick would love if you stick with me to the end.

Okay, I first came across Project Life {PL} through reading some blogs. Im only new to reading blogs. Basically I started reading them because I needed the entertainment and something for me to do when hubby was working late and bubs was in bed. Now I'm kinda addicted to them and I have my faves which I love to catch up on when ever I can. 
Anyways I digress...

I ordered my first lot of PL products in hope of completing my sons album he is 2years  wait 2years and 9months {oh my he's almost THREE} sigh...

I LOVE scrap booking with a capital L. Even at Tafe when I had first moved out of home {across state I might add} I was wanting to document some of my BAZILLION pics that I was taking so that's how it all begun. 

The same goes when my son was born. but His first two weeks of life there are close to 500 pics, who can scrap that seriously?! 
there is only so many 'oh look at my baby laying there' layouts you can create. 
Then life got busy, the months between scrapping got further apart. I attempted to go to scrap nights at our 'local' scrap store about half a dozen times but I found when I got there I had no inspiration and I would just get cross with myself and felt as tho I was wasting time and money being there and not achieving anything.
So I didn't the thing I never thought I would do. I packed it up and put it all AWAY.

The guilt was ENORMOUS! which is weird for some ppl to understand I get that,
but this is MY outlet. 
The one thing that I have always had, I have scrapped picnics, nephews, birthdays, twenty firsts, my now husbands and I first car rebuild, trips to Europe, our dogs EVERYTHING! 
To not create layouts for my son was getting to me and yet it still just sat there.

So. As I was saying I started reading blogs because it was easier then pulling out 2&1/2 years of photos and ephemera and try and find a beginning.


I saw Project Life 

I knew that it was the help/answer/kick in the but I needed. I ordered straight away and am really happy with the progress I have made {on his album}.
Then I thought I love this so much I am going to set myself a challenge and do the PL 365! 
{ what have I done} lol its good fun and I am loving it every week and getting stuck into it capturing parts of our life. 

Recently I have been in a funk with it all. Although I am up to date I just wasn't getting the buzz that I was looking for in it. But I think I have found my 'thang' and Im back to LOVING it again.

I am just finishing off this weeks journalling and I will make another blog post with pictures next time I promise x have fun and be good

Tara x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

some nerve

To say the last cpl of months have been tough would be also wrong they have been REALLY HARD, various reasons really.

and then there was today

Today WAS going to be a good day a great day, I just decided it was going to be.
Master R asked to go to the park, this is a daily request Normally we just go to the one up the road but we had to go to the bank and while we were down there he asked again so we decided to go to the main one in our town which is on the foreshore {lovely really} anyways lunch time was coming up Master R was asking for a drink {that would literally be the first time I have left the house with out a bottle of water or two}...

Anyway as I was saying... we were wrapping up our time in the park and there was just my girlfriend, myself and our children an older cpl and there grandchildren and then out of the corner came this little girl and her mum... DID NOT THINK ANYTHING OF THEM, just another park goer enjoying the weather at the park.


I don't know how it happened, I have my suspicions, what I did see was that Master R was trying to get up to the fort and her daughter was trying to stop him by standing in the starfish stance. I did see Master R but up a bit of a fuss, but didnt think anything of it. One would think that the little girl would of been told to move to let him pass, the girls mother was there, I was about 10 metres away, I looked away because my GF son was doing something funny on the 'seesaw'.
I look back up to see the woman, 




and while she was bent over she had her finger in his face and was TELLING HIM OFF {wrong VERY WRONG} all I hear was something something JUST BEHAVE to him,{the nerve of her} in his face, hope she had fresh breath the germ,to MY boy,  the only one I have, the only one i may ever be able to have.

I walked from where I was and I got about half way, by then Master R was at my feet look a little stressed and all I could do was make sure that he was okay. By the time I had looked up from him she had already picked up her daughter and had practically bailed from the park. {by the time I was back to where my GF was standing to ask her if she had just seen what had happened this lady was already out of the vicinity of the park.}

I was 
disgusted at what had just gone down
disappointed in myself for not actually say HEY YOU get your greasy mitts off my boy

but that didn't happen, i was fuming, we left.

I was so cross with what went down I forgot to pick up lunch {Der}
lucky i had things at home for Master R, but while he was eating lunch he was talking to me about what happened, I hadn't broached the subject with him, I'd sooner rather he forgot it happened. He was telling me that he doesn't like the park cos of the yucky lady there.

What the lady had done was wrong VERY wrong. but she has messed with my sons happy place... the park... and quite frankly HOW DARE SHE!

Hopefully tomorrow he asks to go to the park again perhaps we will just stick with the local one...

Tara x


Everyday Happenings is now on 

See you there :0)

Tara x

Keep It Simple

Usually {USUALLY} at the start of each week I sit, think and organise what crafts/activities for in and out of the home that Master R and I are going to do for the week.

 I like to have a bit of a plan {I think that comes from my CC days} because I find if I dont already have things in mind we wont end up doing much and just waste the days by doing... ummmm something see cant even remember what we dont do LOL 


Sunday Night is usually the night I sit down and write a little plan of action for the week, 
ways to fill in the days, 
ways to keep a busy 2 YO ummmmmm BUSY, 
but unfortunately this hasn't happened in the last couple of weeks and I have noticed Master R's behaviour and temperament has been out the window, which is far from his usual awesomeness. Not his fault I might add.

I finally took the hint/saw the light/opened my eyes

So on Tuesday night I sat down and got some things organised for us to do and trawling through my Pinterest "craft" boards I came across an activity that I had Pinned AGES ago (saving for another post) from Bianca from A Little Delightful  she saved the day again and Master R loved the original idea but took things into his own hands 
which I LOVE and ENCOURAGE.  
It started when he decided he didn't want the paint colours that I had prepared 
are we not surprised.


Then it moved to painting a plastic take away container to make a 'sailing boat' which we had to let it dry which I might add is a hard concept to get a hold of when your 2. 

Anyway we survived the night of waiting for it to dry.


and This morning when he realised it was dry he was on it straight away and added a Popsicle stick and some triangle shaped paper with blue tack and now has a sailing boat that hasn't stopped all morning and its currently 'pulling' a digger out of 'the water' love.


I might add, that seeing all the AMAZING things on pinterest can be slightly intimidating, like the activities we do, do are not spectacular enough and then I remember...
Sometimes play is going back to basics, craft and activities DON'T have to be GRAND plans, it can be... 

Allowing them to jump in MUDDY PUDDLES thank you Peppa Pig. 
Its also pulling out the Chess Board when they are still awake and letting them 'have a go'.

Sometimes its giving them some paint and a plastic container and just letting them go for it and watching them to see where it takes them.

Have fun with the basics

Tara xxxx
01 09 10