Sunday, 29 July 2012

Make that two.

So, I was promised a date night for my birthday by my very Dear friend.

A night involving dinner, movies and cocktails.

When she arrived to pick me up {that's right it was a proper date with picking up involved} I wasn't even dressed to go, I was still in my trackies covered in flour from making biccies with the Master R.
After dressing and putting my big girl shoes on.
Heels people HEELS! 

We headed towards our local cinema complex where we headed to get something to eat. And because we attempted to walk in the wrong door the people behind us that tried to do the same thing got to the right door first and inevitably got the last table for two. sigh.

But dont be dismayed my lovelies we went next door to Hogs Breathe Cafe and we were glad we did. We were asked to go to the bar and wait while our table was ready for us. 
So we thought we would get a drink. Now the last time I actually had to order a drink from the bar was when Midorris and Malibu's were the rage {Uni town remember} 

Dear friend was going through the cocktail list and I'm not into the overload of flavours of a cocktail.
I'm a bourbon girl at heart but I seriously just did not want one and in the end I asked for a Vodka and when asked what I wanted as my mixer I was like a dear in the head lights and said ummmm Coke.
My dear friend also ordered a vodka and asked for it to be mixed with lime and lemonade {like lemon lime and bitters but a hold on the bitters}.

I immediately said make that two.


I had two, I know right that was BIG of me...
I dont get out much and I dont drink at home often. 

You know on docs forms and they ask you how often you drink. I'm the one that circles the 2-3 every six months. .yep.

After eating BIG! We sat and talked about things that weren't colours or shapes or trains and cars.
We talked about Girly Grown up things like 50 Shades, Channing Tatum, Music, Boobs, Life, Vaginas, the Beach, Tassels.

You know grown up stuff.

Then we headed to the movies.
Watched Channing dance and went home.

It was a great night.
but the best part was the laughing. I have not genuinely laughed so much in as long as I can remember.
We laughed so much there were tears.
We laughed so so much that my sides hurt today as I write this.
Thank you dear friend for the night out!
It was really fantastic.
I love you.

Not sponsored by any one but myself... well My dear friend actually :0)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thinking what if...

This is inspired by the beautiful Cherie from Raising Master Max. She wrote a post this morning about even though she was fearlessly independent she was longing to move back to her home town since having her son. 

I could emphasise with her this morning.
My story is similar but totally opposite at the same time.

When we were 18 Hubby moved some 3.5 hours away to study and I stayed behind to study closer to my parents home.
I spent E.V.E.R.Y weekend traveling back and forth like the dedicated Girlfriend that I was.
It was our place we could be who ever we wanted up there we had a new beginning and could make a real go of it.
I transferred and moved up there the next school year and we lived together, with a house mate who we only really saw when he wanted food, or to whinge about something.

I was terribly home sick and missed my family and had realised that the 'friends' that I had made were only friends who wanted to use our house for all aspects of partying and food scrounging type uses. 

Moving back was not an option.

I had made the move and I was going to make it work. I had gotten a job and started to get to know people out side of the 'group' that I was living in.
OBVIOUSLY I still loved my now husband I just wasn't into the whole party thing and needed to find some 'more me' people.

Yet the home sickness continued.

One day I had a thought to go down the local RSPCA and have a look. I waited and waited for hubby to come home and it was getting closer to closing time and he was home with 15 mins to spare 

Lets go I said

We wont make it, we will go tomorrow he said

Get in the car! I said

We made it there with just time to spare and we were walked around and got to have a look at all the dogs and it was noisy and it wasn't as stinky as I thought it would be. 

There were big and little, round and short, curly and fluffy, jumpy and licky, flippy and fussy

then there was her. 

Just laying there, all curled up in a ball against the fence to her pen with her back to us looking like she wished the noise would just stop. wishing the day away so that every one would go to sleep so that she could really get some rest. 

she was perfect and we hadn't even met. 

She was beautiful and so slow moving which was surprising to see for an 2 year old border collie. 

The decision was made she was coming home with us... but they would let her. We had to sign paper work and they said that if she was still here tomorrow we could have her {whats with that}
Pulling of the drive way names were discussed and one was agreed on. 
I didn't sleep. 
Work was hell.
Knock off couldn't come quick enough. 
We both deliberately finished early that day, not talking to each other about doing so. We both pulled into the drive way at the same time and just looked at each other and got into one car and drove to the centre. 
To see if she was still there, we were let in and we walked down to her pen with big smiles on our face full of excitement and hope.

She was gone.

My heart fell from my chest.

I knew I should not have gotten my hopes up. 

But its okay. 

She was going through her last test, she was out the back. 

She was OURS.
That's her on the left, she will be ten this August

SO many things happened to us in the year that followed so many good, good things and there were not so good things. 
I made friends with people at work and I was really feeling comfortable with were I was at. 

Then phone calls Were coming from home? When are you coming back? Did you know Grandpa had been in the hospital {hes fine by the way}, WHEN are you coming back? 

I have a job for you...


SO in 4 days I moved back to where I am from and started a new job {with my old boss} and left now hubby behind.
He moved down eventually and bought her with him. MY family was back together, with my traditional family starting a new working life with family around me but something wasn't right. 

I am constantly reminded by my friend that is still living up there of the great life and the great fun that it is and receiving messages of houses that would be suited to us that are up there. 

We are also constantly looking on real estate sites for houses that might just convince us to sell up and go.


What if we are just holding on to how good it was, what if we are just holding on to the good times.

We are always constantly talking about moving back, but we have so much here, family, friends, our house, 
our sons WHOLE world is here. 
BUT we constantly long for this one place where we wished we had stayed. 
THOUGH who is to say it will be the same, who is to say it will be just like we remember and because we dont to ruin such fabulous memories we stay here...

...thinking what if…

Do you have a place you wish you had stayed?
Do you have somewhere you want to move to?
Have you adopted a pet?

Tell me everything...


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cake anyone?

Okay so I know a lot of you are waiting for my how I caught up on project life blog, but I am having some schneerious technical difficulties so we will just have to wait for that one... but in the mean time there is cake.

Not just any ole' cake...
and not just any cheese cake 

CHOCOLATE Cheesecake. 

Are they not the two most beautiful words you ever did see.
I love being in the kitchen and this is the most technical thing I have done in a long time and it wasn't that technical. 

Okay so here goes... I didnt take any progress pics because I was to busy loving up the fun times in the kitchen that I ummmm... forgot!

I have finished pics and really thats what we are all here to see.

So for the shopping list you will need to jot down.
1 pack of Choc biccies I used the choc ripple biccies.
80g butter
they are for the base

and for the top
500g of Philly cheese
1 Cup of cream softly whipped
1 block of milk baking chocolate I used the Cadbury variety
1/4 cup of caster sugar
2 tsp of gelatine dissolved in 1/4 c of boiled water

then you need to...  
Combine the biscuit crumbs and butter, then press into the base of a greased 20cm spring form pan. Chill until firm.
Beat the philly and sugar with an electric mixer until smooth. 
Add the gelatine and chocolate and mix until smooth, then fold through the whipped cream
Pour the mixture over the prepared base. 
Chill for 2 hours or until set. 
Decorate to serve.
I decorated it with fresh strawberries and attempted choc swirls.

I then put it in the safe hands{?} of my Husband and scooted over to mum and dad's for tea and wowed them with my amazingness...


Run don't walk people...

Whats your fav that you have made lately?
Has it been to long since you have had a good old play in the kitchen?

This recipe is from the the cadbury website and was not sponsored by any one but me oh and my hubby's hard work to get the monies to pay for such yumminess :0)

Monday, 23 July 2012

I'll have some big girl pants in size COURAGE please.

Last few days I have found tough.
Really tough.
The toughest I have had in a while. 
I do have strategies in place to help me, but I feel like I have exhausted them all.
My Husband is super awesome and helps me when/if I need, but I still feel... 
Cant wait to shake this feeling, still searching for that light.
But today I have to put on my big girl pants and face the world.


Today's song was picked by Master R.
To say he LOVES Jay Laga'aia is an understatement.
I love that he loves music too.

Have a great Monday.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

SO there is some light...

So last week I spoke about how things weren't up to scratch with me. It was a difficult post to write I ummmed and arrrred about it for a while but the love that I received via email and message on our Facebook page was amazing and I thank every single one of you for making the time to contact me and telling me your stories and giving me the pat on the back that I needed.

So, I went to the doctor as I said it would and I was as nervous as they come. But waiting rooms and I dont match its like warfare for my OCD and when I am not having the best of days I go a bit manic with my OCD and putting myself in a waiting room at a doctors surgery is like nothing you have ever seen, to make matters worse he was running late.

So I'm not going to give you the ins and outs of my appointment but he said that there is a lot going on and that we have to start at the beginning and he is going to help me through this. 
Someone actually can see that there is something wrong. not quiet up to scratch. I was made to feel empowered with what is going on with me and that there is light.


The afternoon after the appointment left me feeling blah. REALLY blah, but that happens when everything gets laid on the table and you have to bring out all the things that hurt.
Hubby was with me to look after Master R so that I could speak to the doctor and I wasn't distracted thank you Hubster.

He then kept me busy for the rest of the afternoon and then he organised to get together with some friends that night so that I was kept super busy.
My friend asked me a THOUSAND questions and after a while I gave in and blurted all the answers out and when the kiddos were all in bed we had the biggest d&m ever.
I told her lots of things, things that I thought I would never say out loud. 
I dont know how I feel about that but its happened now.
I will always be questioning whether I have offended her with what I said but like I said its out now.
AND guess what, I laughed. I actually laughed over the littlest thing but it was funny and it was a great!

SO bare with me while I work through this.
Depression isn't the same for everyone and this is my story.
Its a process and a hard one at that
But the help is right where I need it now. 

Some people that could help you if things aren't up to scratch with you

As most of you know I LOVE my music and when I need to get myself out of a funk I love nothing more then turning the music up loud and cooking up a storm.
This is one that I am loving at the mo, well for a long time but I love singing my heart out to this one.



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yet another not so ordinary trip to the park

Yesterday I thought I would change up the routine a bit and for those who know my son and I well enough they KNOW this doesn't happen very often.

So after swimming we hit up the park it was the best!
It really was, Master R LOVED it, running around like a loon &
 It was on this that he tried to join in with some other children {a group of girls} and play with them and a little girl turn looked straight in his face and told him to "just piss off" she would have not been much older then Master R flaunting a local dance studios uniform.
I was flawed, thought we had, had our fair share of dodgy park shenanigans.

Anyway after we had a little discussion about what the little girl had said and how he felt about it he decided to move on and continue on running around by himself. Poor kid, I felt a bit sorry for him but we had fun..

 Selling ice cream
more climbing
and being super cute

It really was a great day. I hope that these are the things that he remembers as he gets a bit older and not the things that people say to him. 

Do you like to mix up your routines?
Have you had to deal with dodgy park shenanigans?
How do you handle it?
Does your local park off massively amazing trees for you loved ones to climb?
Do you let them climb?
Tell me everything I should know for future park play dates!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I set myself a little PL challenge

I bought on of these
Its a Mini Kit #1 from Polka Dot Creative
I was really excited to get one,
SO I set myself a challenge. 
I was to use every piece of the kit in a full weeks layout.
Besides lots of washi tape and a filler card from my core kit I used EVERYTHING from the kit. Which is great because that's the idea of the kit right?

So here it is my week with the PDC MK#1
 I hope I did you justice Jodie

No inserts this week.
Left Side

Some close ups because I am too impatient to wait for tomorrow to take photos in the proper light.
The date card

I wanted to make the most out of the paper so I cut it in half and used it here and a few other places

I love the look of the taxi 'ribbon' on the washi
Right side
I found this quote on pinterst and ran it though some of my apps on my phone and added some hearts and I love the way it came out. The cluster is made from the elements from the kit.
Love the effect that the 4x4 photo has on the whole layout

I cut out some more paper from one of the 6x4's and traced around it and I didn't love it but I mated a photo and added some journaling and I love this little card now
Coloured in some of the cameras, just for something different

Some more Washi love and I love the effect of the text bubble from my iPhone.
Okay so that was my week and I'm sorry it was really photo heavy but I love it and I wanted to share.
Thanks for sticking with me and if you have any questions please PLEASE ask them below.
Would love to hear your thoughts about... anything really!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What do I do now?

Okay so Offspring... Yep, Offspring had their last episode for season three last night and it was amazing.
I love this show. I love all the characters... all of them.
Its the only show that I will turn the telly on to watch.
Here is there Facebook page

But what am I going to do now...

There was confirmation today that season 4 AND 5 got signed off on
fist pump

 But seriously

There's a rumor going around that there is a really good book series out at the moment, I dont know if you have heard of it...

I've heard that people have not been able to put them down.
I've heard that a lot of Hubby's are getting cuddled more often.
I've heard that I MUST read it.

I have intentions to go out and buy the series tomorrow.

So that might do me till monday...

Do you watch Offspring?
Are you going to miss it if you do?
Have you read the Fifty Shades series?
What should I know?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


When I started thinking about writing a blog it was quickly pushed out of my mind because I had a lot going with being a Mum a Wife a Part Time worker and an all round totally awesome chick...
But with the more blogs I read, the more I wanted to write, to share, to be apart of it all.

I wanted to write about the things that happen here. The crafty things we do, the food we cook, the crazy antics we get up to. 

But it hasn't been like that for me.

Sure we have done some great things dont get me wrong. I keep us busy during the day we do all sort of activities, things that I had learnt while working in and studying the Childcare Industry and things that I have picked up since becoming a Mum and of course the good old Pinterest. 

But things have not been clicking right for me and its been hard.
To put an amount of time on how long its been is to hard because if I had to say from when this all started I would honestly say it has been 18 months.

Yes I have been to the doctor about this.
She kind of made me feel worthless and that what I was going through didn't warrant any support and that the depression that I was going through was normal day to day stuff.
That just didn't feel right.
Especially when she flippantly told me to Google a couple of things.

So I just went on living a weird kind of sad haze, the sad days come and go. Not often or regularly and then a couple of months ago it all changed. 

Things have gotten harder to deal with. Situations are becoming unbearable. Especially group situations. And groups where people with young babies or talking about their pregnancies are horrible.
And I unfortunately avoid them.
Or the Husby comes with me.
There are more sad days then good at the moment and I have forgotten what normal is.
Oh how I wish I could find the old Tara, If I knew who that was.

I have made a new appointment.
With a different Doctor.
Its this week.
Hopefully this will help.

If not... there is always Jack Johnson


Monday, 9 July 2012

I got mail...

Mail doesn't come around often in these parts and when it does its one of those really annoying clear window pane ones, which before you even open it you know its going to ask you for an obscene amount of money. 

Even though you are certain that you have been really good by turning off things at switches and not leaving lights on it still flaws you with the dollar amount in that really sucky square on the side. 

THEN on further inspection you find that they were kind enough to add a pamphlet which in forms you of their latest price rise... buggers.


The other day I did that dreaded walk to the mail box and found amongst those yucky envelopes TWO beautiful yellow envelopes one from the US of A and the other... well the other, I was very pleased to see because I knew it was from the lovely Jodie from Polka Dot Creative and it was her very first Mini Kit aptly named Mini Kit #1 they are unfortunately out of stock {sold like little hot cakes} but I can confirm that there are more coming in... this week hopefully.

I am so pleased with the Mini Kit that I wanted to share it with you all...

After shooing my little one way CONVINCING him that the mail was not a present for him, he saw this...
with its smiley face goodness and decided that he best stay "just in case Mumma"...
in case of what? I don't know!
Only good can come from opening this

Full of Amy Tangerine GOODNESS! Can you believe that its my first piece of AMY!
And of course the other lovely products which are all described here.

Totally in LOVE with everything in this kit.
.. now to actually put it to use and not just stare and play with it everyday.

I am so pleased with this and I can not wait for Mini Kit #2

Thanks Jodie for creating such yummyness x

I was in no way paid for this blog post, I did it because I love the product and the service from Polka Dot Creative. I bought the kit with my husbands hard earned dollars and I am very thankful for that and him.

Questions??? Ask away...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Somewhere over this rainbow...

I love rainbows.
Why wouldn't I, they are colourful and curvy.
Things that I wish I was.
This is part of one that we saw first thing this morning on our way out.
We could see the whole arch from our front yard.
It stopped Master R and I in our tracks, we stopped and just looked at it. 
Its funny how rainbows do that.
We spoke about the colours and where we thought the ends were. 
It was a great conversation and really showed where Master R is at. 
Its funny how rainbows do that.

Lots of things have been going on in the Everyday Happenings House and while I/We sort through them we may be just a bit quiet around these parts.
I wish that I was able to write more on my little blog but I am having trouble putting my words out there at the moment.

I'm loving this song at the moment...

Do you get stopped by rainbows?
What are good conversation starters at your house?
What songs are you loving at the moment?

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