Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The one, where I am having trouble coming to terms with things...

I confided in a girlfriend today. 

I'm sure it was meant to help.

Don't get me wrong, it was good to get the words out... 

It was good to process the thoughts out loud in the real world.

I have a tendency of over analyse things, hard to believe I know.

But there was nothing she had said that I hadn't already thought about...

The trouble is...

I'm having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I am actually pregnant.

Surreal might be the word.

Don't get me wrong. 

Extending our family is one thing that I want to do. 
A sibling for our son. 
Another child to share our love and life with. 

But with so many failed attempts. I cant help but hold onto a little hope that this one will work in our favour. 
All tho, the docs have said we are out of the woods and we are able to enjoy the process now. 
I am just having trouble attaching to the idea. 
I am trying to think back when I was pregnant with our first son as to whether I felt this way about the whole process. 
I am not 20 weeks yet. 
I have not had THAT major scan yet
I have sort of come to the conclusion that once I have the scan, I will come to terms with it all and start 'enjoying the process'


I don't want to weigh to much on this scan.

We have had discussions on names. As if that isn't hard enough.

I went to a baby sale at the local department store and it was all very overwhelming.

We went to a major baby supply store and had a look at the pram I wanted to get.  
I was promised a new pram during the past year, I love the pram we have now, our son is still able to go in it at the age he is and still has room to grow so to speak
So I am looking at just getting the same one just a newer version.  
We asked a staff member all the questions that you ask when upgrading. 
We were ready to buy, but we didn't commit to it. 
I forgot the bassinet that was with the original pram that we have to see if it was compatible
It was my out, an exit strategy.
So I didn't have to commit just yet.

I want nothing more then another child.

I want nothing more then a large family. 

I want nothing more then this...

Monday, 21 January 2013


“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013″.

This week we have had a few tense moments about whether Ronan wanted the baby to come or not.

He didnt want to put a layby on for the baby at the local baby sale.

But he did want to put some toys in the layby for the baby... we got a dinosaur, a fish and a 'meewah'

He did want to read the baby a story that night

He did want to kiss the baby goodnight before bed

I think its just going to take some adjusting.

We spent Sunday doing something that we each wanted to do... he chose Kite flying. We all had the best time.

Simple pleasures eh? 

{I feel I should mention that Ronan wasn't on a leash... the kite was... goodness help me if that went flying...}

Monday, 14 January 2013


"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013"

Everyday he asks if we can go to the beach...
Regardless of if we already have something planned for that day or not.
Even if its just to "stop by and look at the water"

My water babe

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I survived.

Isn't it funny how a little space away from the norm can really get you thinking...
Isn't it funny how a change in your personal life can really put things into perspective.

2012 was a year of
tears because of the pain


confused thoughts
trying to find blame
confronting situations
looking for answers
more tears because some of these answers were damn confronting.

I spent a lot of time by myself in 2012
deep in thought... 
being constantly asked what I am thinking... 
constantly craving my own space... 
constantly looking for answers... 
desire for change.

Never once did I stop caring for our son... Not once.

He is and always will be my first priority in every situation.

But as a way of controlling each situation we stayed home... a lot.
5 out of the 7 days were spent at home unless we had to go out. 
Unless someone said we'd really like to see you,
It didnt happen often... especially at the start I feel it is because everyone was busy... busy with THEIR life, busy running/caring/looking after themselves/family/needs.

I watched from the outside... not jealous more envious

Envious of the courageousness

Envious of their ability to just do
Envious of their freedom

While I found myself able to talk to some people I noticed... as did my husband... that it wasn't all being told.

We, together went in search of professional help... Help I so desperately needed. 
It gave me some answers.

Sometimes the reality of such help is funding such situations. Sometimes this was hard, sometimes... everything else came first, as it should, so my brain says... even today it is a constant battle of importance.

This constant battle of importance infuritates my husband to no end... he sees me as important, he sees me as a first... he sees me and sees a person struggling as she is looking for answers and is constantly shutting him out because it is her way of coping.

These memories of such times are raw... so raw my hands are wet from tears as they fall.

Silent... as I may have been. My brain was screaming looking for ways to help itself.

Constant questions of why.

People stepped back into my life in an unexpected way truly welcomed, but with tender thoughts of the past, fear of re-living the same pain, fear of loosing an important part of me once again.

These people offered new light on situations I was living.

Some people in my life had no idea... none... until they were told and even then, once they were told forgot about it as soon as I had told them. I don't know why. Maybe they didnt know how to handle it. But me telling these people was my way of looking for help
...looking for answers... something.

Some people told me they were sick of hearing about it. Some people said that if they left me alone I would sort it out myself. Hearing this... how ever many times, was confronting. And put me backwards... further into thought, thoughts about another part of my life...
Friends... putting the battle of importance back into play.

Thoughts of... I have upset/annoyed my friends enough that they don't want anything to do with me or our son. Our son started asking questions about why people didn't come to our house, but we go play at theirs... more questions I didn't have the answers for.

This is yet again my fault.

But as I worked forward... worked through it all... tried to find new outlets 
We suffered another loss.

That was it, the game was over. I couldn't do it by myself any more and I needed my people. And some of my people were there, organised by my amazing husband. 
These people were there for me... even after minimal contact during the year.

Where I would be with out him...

But even still, this upset people... putting their importance above my importance, putting their issues above mine and that is when I had realised... now is not the time, this time is about me and surviving MY right now.

This is where I had learnt so many things.

but here are two...
1- You can not please everyone, regardless of how personal the situation you are in.
2- Friends will stand the test of time... regardless of how much contact you have between visits.

2012, to be honest. 
I'm glad I lived you. I wouldn't change much... maybe a little less grief. 
But I survived. 
I survived 2012, I walked out of the door of 2012 as it closed and walked into 2013. 
I did it. 
I still have bad days... but most days are better. I still have trouble with public spaces... and as dubious as I am about the days ahead we have so much to look forward to. 
And as my life gets busier... with kinder starting for Ronan and the birth of our second child mid year. 
I have to remember one thing... 

I survived.

A song that helped.

People that helped...

Beyond Blue

And my GP.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, 7 January 2013


Last year... {I know I cant believe I just wrote that either}
I watched the gorgeous Cherie from Raising Master Max
participate in the '52 project'. I loved the sentiment of it all and when Cherie put something up the other day I thought I would give it a go too...

“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013″.

-The beach... Our home away from home.


As I am battling a head/neck/back ache that would give Satan a run for his money and Ronan is consuming copious amounts of morning tea I thought I would just reflect on whats been happening lately as well as touching on the end of last year as we do.

December saw us rocking out at end of year Mini Maestro concert.

 Then there was Kinder orientation... be still my heart

 Beach days a plenty

Traditional Christmas Tree selecting

Just a little announcement...

 pfft little! we couldn't be more excited

We celebrated the new year with friends

We spent the day at the zoo, it was fabulous. Melbourne but on a great day for us and we enjoyed a picnic in the grounds and loved watching Ronan walk around with his 'list' {the map} and choosing where we would go next.

Hope this finds you well.

Whats been happening with you lately?

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