Sunday, 30 March 2014

[The 52 Project] 13/52

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2014."

Finnley- Outside on the deck... it's one of your favourite places to be, we are blessed to have the deck that we have it really is an extension of our home. With plenty of space for you to explore and discover... though after a while... your knees become sore and its time for a rest with a cuddle from Mumma.

Ronan- Your concentration face... those lashes... You welcome new activities with joy and adventure and I love to see you exploring the,.

The 52 Project by Practising Simplicity 
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

[Lets Play] I Spy Jar

With the school holidays coming (I know!) I'm hoping to get a few posts up of quick activities of things to do at home over the holidays. School holidays can be expensive if you want to entertain the littles everyday, so here is a quick, easy AND CHEAP activity that can be done at home with stuff from in and around the home.

Here is what you need;

  • A jar/container/zip lock bag
  • An assortment of items that are a range of colours and sizes. 
  • Rice or something equivalent... I just used what I had in the pantry

Hot tip... Take a photo of your items before putting them in the jar so your little one knows what to look for.

I then put the photo through photo shop and wrote in the Victorian hand writing font each of the items. R has taken a keen interest in writing and recognising letters recently, so I am utilising every opportunity to extend on that even if its just to demonstrate/name items in a picture. 

Here is what ours looked like.

If you do not have access to photo shop or the equivalent
then writing on the photo with a marker will do the exact same thing.

I put all the things in the jar and sealed up with some tape to seal it and washi tape which was just to make it a little more attractive really.

Then we played... half an hour... HALF AND HOUR later... we had found all the items over and over and over again... we then turned it into a game and chose two or three items for the other to find.

R has gone back to it several times over the last week.
I am also thinking of making a smaller one for our restaurant bag and when they become a bit old or he becomes a bit disinterested in it I will undo it and replace the items inside and start again. 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[me] when ones brain is fried

So yesterday...

Yesterday was not what I would call a great day... My brain just couldn't anymore.

You know when you just CAN NOT ANY MORE!

When ALL OF THE THINGS just get too much.

When the thinking that you do, doesn't really feel like thinking anymore but one big swirly unorganised stressful mess and you just can not work out which one to take care of first. THE CHILDREN COME FIRST OF COURSE... but what about the rest of the things... 

There has been a bit of a lead up to this I suppose.

Yes these are all everyday things, everyone has to deal with a multitude of things each and every single day. BUT yesterday... my brain packed  up shop and left me high and dry and I am taking it as a sign to 'take stock'

Here is what's taking up my functioning brain space at the moment.

Caring for the children

Being a responsible adult...

When people genuinely treat me like I mean nothing... WHY?

Friends who never really were

Solo parenting 6 out of the 7 days a week

The baby waking too many, (WAY TO MANY) times a night.

KILLER lower back and hip pain

Physio appointments at the Hospital

Flooding the laundry... still dealing with that

Cleaning the home (at least the laundry is clean)

Paying the bills,

Extra curricular activities for the children

Looking into a few issues further

The cost of petrol (two competing service stations directly next to each other... on 16.9cents MORE then the other!)... just why?... WHY IS THAT IN MY BRAIN!

Loosing the diary

Planning/buying/preparing the food

Taking on roles of responsibility outside of the home

Those roles becoming crazy and hectic AND time consuming.

Wanting to blog about all the things

Drink water

Being a functioning adult

Call so n so back

Reply to that email

Send that VERY important email

Reply to that pm

Drive to kinder for pick up and drop off

What school is he going to next year.

Is that the best choice for him? For us?

Drink water

Make doctors appointment

The car... just... gah

The baby teething

Buy Panadol & sm33

Possible career advancement for husband... means more hours

People wanting you to create things for them

People wanting you to CREATE THE THINGS NOW

People telling you that you could 'TOTALLY do that as a job...' then thinking about that!

Children throwing 4.8 Year old tantrums (HAVE YOU EVER!!!???)

People asking this of you

People asking that of you

Rumors being spread about you... not all good ones... BUT I SERIOUSLY DO WISH I HAD A YACHT!

Buy birthday card for Nan

Organise appointments.

Still haven't found the diary

Phone loosing all of the appointments that you have set since loosing the diary

Hang the washing up

Sleep train the baby more

Why wont the baby sleep more the a couple of hours at a time

Sweep the deck...

Drink water

Yesterday as I was driving from one side of town to the other I pulled over and took a phone call... The conversation was just too much... I cried, sobbed even... that's when I realised...


from here


I choose me (and my children) today I am taking the day "off" from my brain and I am just "being".

Do your thoughts just get a bit to much and they start to swirl too?
Please just say yes so I don't feel so bad...
What do you do when its all too much?

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Monday, 24 March 2014

[Lets Play] Jelly Play-dough

With the weather getting cooler and feeling the change in the seasons around us we have welcomed Autumn with open arms, I love the hot days I really do.. but I REALLY love the cooler mornings with a warm crisp day... there is something about it isn't there?

With the cooler days becoming more prevalent we are finding ourselves gravitating to more indoor play and with that brings a new mindset... A change in sensory play is needed...

Less water/slime/water bead focused, dirt/sand/mud play & other gross motor sensory things that require more washing (for me). 

We are now focusing our play on more smell/warmth/taste/sight and of course feel sensory play with a focus more on fine motor skills. There will be elements of outdoor play yes... I'm sure a muddy puddle or 2,475,341,385 will be jumped in.

But inside... For this week.

Jelly Play-dough... Oh the sweet/Tangy smell of Lime Jelly Play-dough.

This is something that I have always made. With years spent working in Early Childhood Education I have made PLENTY of batches of play dough... But this, this was always a favourite...

The full bold colours and the awesome smells. Whether it be the sweet smell of raspberry or the tangy-ness of the lime or lemon.

It is an absolute favourite around these parts.


Do you make your own play dough?

Ever tried it with Jelly?
What's your favourite sensory activity?

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

[The 52 Project] 12/52

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2014."

Finnley- Your new favourite place, you hit the sliding door when you want to go out onto the deck for a swing. When up there you watch the dogs (IF they are moving around the yard) and the leaves on the tree when the wind blows.

Ronan- Always and for ever you have played with these two toys. Loading the trailer... always, scoop after scoop all day if I let you.

The 52 Project by Practising Simplicity 
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Thursday, 13 March 2014

[The 52 Project] 11/52

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2014."

Finnley- I still see hints of your smaller baby days when you put your legs up in the air, with your legs crossed I might add... always with your legs crossed.

Ronan- Your happy place.

The 52 Project by Practising Simplicity 
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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

[Latley] the 11th of March Edition

Making- Nothing... NOTHING and it makes me... itchy... crafting is good for my soul...

Cooking- All of the things... Breast feeding is hungry work...
Tonight's menu- Lemon & Garlic Chicken with Rice salad... I know, I know... I'm practically at the Ritz.

Drinking-  Water... I know I am the life of the party... But that is life of a breast feeding Mumma.

Reading- Blog posts,  This one connected with me more then I thought it would, this one looks delicious! and I will be adding this to my list of things I want to do... I'll probably get around to it in 2050.

Wanting- to move house... I know, I know... you have heard that before.

Looking- Not so clearly... Lack of sleep has left me with seriously blood shot eyes

Playing- I'm not it has been MONTHS since I have picked up a musical instrument 

that wasn't a maraca 

Wasting- WELL... actually we are trying not to... making better food choices and meal 
plans and all that.

Wishing- Time would slow, just a smidge

Enjoying- Three day weekend with 30+ degree days... YES PLEASE... there should be more of them

Liking- "My" Mumma village over on Instagram!  

Wondering- If I will ever re-enter my original career field again

Needing- More sleep.. Show me one Mumma (& Daddy) who doesn't

Smelling- My perfume that I got from my Mum for Christmas... Its this one... 


Wearing- My 'Mumma uniform' Trackies and a singlet top

Noticing- The days getting shorter

Knowing- More about myself each and every week... eye openers people... EYE 

Thinking- About what to do for Easter

Opening- 7 gazillion emails 

Giggling- At Finnley... just trying to work it all out.

Feeling- Grateful for my two littles.

So, what have you been up to lately?
Managed to do anything crafty?

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

[The 52 Project] 10/52

This is something I have always wanted to do {among many other things} when it comes to blogging, but my children's privacy comes to mind every time I share them on here. So, this may become a weekly thing.. or a one off.. I will see how we go...

and if that isn't honest blogging I don't know what is.

So considering we are already in week 10 of the year... who cares, I am just going with it anyways.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2014."

Finnley: Getting so good at sitting on his own now... when he wants to take off, he lets me know by leaning forward and hitting the floor so I relieve him of his sitting position.

Ronan: Tired.... Dirty... Boy.

Inspired to do this project by gorgeous Bec

The 52 Project. by Practicing Simplicity

Do you print your photos?
Or are you like me... Millions of digital files and no actual hard copies?

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Master L turns two!

You may remember this post... where I talked about Master L turning 1... Go on... check it out I will wait for you...

I know, I can not believe he is two either!

Feels like just yesterday.

ANYWAY, I helped again!
We I learnt a lot from last years party preparation extravaganza SO, when we started brain storming for L's 2nd party I laid down some rules said;

"Think of all the things that you want to do, and take off one thing from each category...or two"

You see this is how it goes.

My dear friend... Lady S, 
She is a thinker... she thinks up EXTRAVAGANT plans and writes them down...

She then comes to me, and I make them work for her.

We then work together and create all the things that is required. She cooks and bakes (it's her thing) and I create and make (It's my thing)

Then if need be, we get the Husbands, hers and mine to build, create, clean, stick together, construct, find, hammer, rally, hang... basically do the handy work.

They are handy like that.

We are a great team!

Its a lot of work... but geez its fun!

And the children's faces... GOLD!

Here is the day...

 The marquee all ready

It wouldn't be a party with out a table full of food

A special cake for a special boy

Then after our tummy's were full we ventured to the grass where... 
It wouldn't be a Jungle Party without some animals

The gorgeous Charlie the Crocodile
Having a 'cuddle' with Silver the Olive Python

Then after we had seen a multitude of turtles, lizards, snakes & Charlie the Crocodile we played a Jungle game/obstacle course... which the children LOVED and repeated it about 10 times each.

Twas a great day.

All reports say that everyone had a great time and the Birthday boy was celebrated and at the end of the day that is the main thing.


Whats next Lady S?

Celebrated any birthdays lately?
Do you do themes for parties?
Whats the most extravagant one you've been to?

This post is not at all sponsored...
I was just purely sharing the love... everyone needs party ideas.
Although if they wanted to, I could get my people to talk to their people and we could be a thing... 

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Thank you.

Monday, 3 March 2014

[Lately] the 3rd of March Edition




A gorgeous little mans second birthday


Invites/signs & Labels for said party.

Thinking about:

WAAAAYYYY to many things.

Whats been happening where you are?

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