Thursday, 3 April 2014

[Easter] Kinder Gifts

Gifting to friends is something we have done with Ronan since the time he began participating in group activities, so when Easter or Christmas came around we just gave the people in his group (whether it be mothers group, swimming or music) something little... a small choccy/bubbles/reindeer food etc. 

Gifting to Ronan's Kinder friends is no different, just on a MUCH BIGGER scale.

Earlier in the year, Valentines day to be exact Ronan chose to make and give all of his little kinder friends a plain biscuit cut and cooked in the shape of a heart.

Valentines day isn't one we normally 'give' to people outside our home for but he wanted to so we went with it.

A simple gesture, but it really REALLY made him smile when he was given the opportunity to stand there and offer these treats to his friends after session. 

When leaving he shouted "Mumma, LETS DO THAT AGAIN!"

It really was a beautiful thing to watch.

So because of the PURE joy he felt when he was handing out his treats to his mates he came to me a couple of weeks ago and said, "Mumma I'd like to do that again but for Easter... AND not biscuits... CHOCOLATE... WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL?????" 

Jumping up and down as he does when he is excited.

I love that he was one step ahead of me.

With loads of input from Ronan (I love how is SO involved in these little things) I got creating... and after a couple of tweaks we came up with this.

I made these using Photo shop, I purchased some of the elements and made some of the others myself.

This is what went into each bag.
Three chocolates went into each bag because that is how it divided up evenly... and honestly... how much chocolate do they REALLY need?

Do you kinder gift?

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. Oh very cute and you will be very popular with your sweet boys friends. We do class gifts too although we have to make 96 of them because all 3 boys like to hand them out. We are doing Bunny Poop again this year :) xx

    1. WOW! 96!!! You are such a good mumma. His face was priceless and the little "happy Easter" he said when he gave each one!... swoon!!!

  2. Cute, Tara. We're not there yet, as you know. But it is a great idea - and a popular one too, I bet! X

    1. It seemed that they were received well... some of the parents thanked me as well which I did not expect. Its nice to see him get a joy in giving to his friends.

  3. No, we don't, mostly because the kids kinders and schools have always had a ban on anything like that. We aren't even allowed to give out birthday party invitations on school or kinder grounds, in case someone who isn't invited feels left out ( because while the school is trying to teach inclusion, they forget to teach resillience and realism, I can't afford to invite 70 kids to a birthday party )

    1. I was talking to one of the other mums about resilience just the other day and how we are trying to instil it into our own children. I can not believe that your school has gone down that path, I imagine they would have copped some flack if that is the path they have had to chose.

      Thanks for stopping by x

  4. Wow. They look fantastic! I just love how little Ronan is so excited about giving. That really is a beautiful quality to have. He sounds like a lovely little boy :)

  5. These are so sweet! A little chocolate goes a long way and I love going to a little effort too. x


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