Monday, 30 April 2012


Music is a big BIG part of my life.

There is always a radio/iPod/CD playing somewhere in my home.
I play a cpl of instruments but I focus on one.
People who know me well enough know that I always have a song playing around in my head and if that's not happening my hands and feet are tapping to a beat of some sort.
I constantly get caught out singing either to myself while serving tea or in the middle of the supermarket.
Music is there for me when I am having a down day a great day or just a regular day.

Especially in the car.

My music of choice varies depending on my mood or what I'm doing but there is always at least one Jack Johnson CD in the stacker in the car.

Our son has the same love for music.
He is always singing a tune he has heard from the radio or from a favourite CD of his. We are often entertained during dinner or while driving in the car. He also carries around his toy guitar with him for most of the day and it has started coming to music group with us on Mondays.

He is not a Wiggle loving, Hi five liking kinda boy. He loves Jay Laga'aia and will stop in his tracks to watch or listen to him.
He also LOVES Jack Johnson. {a boy after my own heart}
I couldn't be happier.

What is your go to thing of choice when your having a down day?
Craft? Music? Singing? Exercise?

Would love to hear from you! 


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Evidence of his existence

I LOVE nothing more then coming across things in my home that my little man has left just laying, things that are a little out of the norm, things that arnt from the normal everyday mess and happenings. I try to capture them on camera usually on my phone. Some of them I share on Instagram {if you arnt on there yet you best be checking that out!} some of them I keep for just us.

This is what I found tonight as I was clearing the table for dinner.

My little man OBVIOUSLY was pinching from my veggies that I had prepped for dinner. 
I LOVE the fact that he put it in a bowl to leave it.
I LOVE the fact that he tried the carrot
I LOVE the fact that there is teeth marks left in the carrot.
I LOVE that he leaves evidence of his existence around my home.

What evidence do your little ones leave?

Tara x

Monday, 23 April 2012

Weekend Happenings

 Firstly Thanks to those who sent messages of love about my back being out. It will take a while but it is on the mend. Unfortunately this will be a forever thing and its all down to maintenance now. Thanks again

The weekend started out a bit rocky with my back still playing up and Hubby having to work for half of it. But it worked out pretty perfect in the end...
RJ was so happy for Dad to finally be home from work
He's a keeper my boy
 We got a new Pot belly heater so we were burning it in. RJ is never aloud outside after dark {code for he doesn't like the dark} But he loved this special occasion as you can plain see. lol
Still singing
I seriously sat there and admired our deck. I love our deck and thats only half of it. {and between you and me I think its one of the only things keeping us in this house}

Looking for 'snap snaps'
Cleaning Mumma's Car
Exploring the world around him

Loving the boots and boardys look
Love our little family of three. How was your weekend?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

ouchie wah wah

So today was our 'stay at home and chill day' with a touch of house cleaning thrown in the mix.
The day was fabulous a great start. Bathroom clean, floors begun
and then
at 10.16am
goes the ole back. OUCHIE
{Its always been dodgy but its been super for a year now}
The loss of feeling in the legs was a winner.
The loss of feeling in the arms was crappy.
The pain was nauseating.
The thought of what am I going to do for the rest of the day with my busy almost three year old. I dont like to bother hubby when hes at work and I knew he had a meeting at 10 so I knew ringing him would get me know where.
So I sent him a text in hope he would have a chance to at least glance at my pleas for help. Bum bum.
I walked around for half an hour when I got my legs working again every step I took came with an 'ouch' verbalised.
An hour later Hubby rang.
He came home to check on me.
There was nothing he could do.
He set us up for the rest of the day and then he was off.
My back is okay, bearable, I have an appointment with crack snap pop doc tomorrow.
Its going to hurt more then I can imagine.
But when the pain is for the good its worth it right? RIGHT?

Be gone back pain be gone!

and just to be sure. Its worth it right?

Have fun x

Monday, 16 April 2012

PL week 9th-15th April

Why hello there.

This weeks PL came about a very different way for me and I think I love it no wait I know I love it!

There a no inserts this week {some kind of miracle right there}

I thought I didnt have enough photos but I was wrong.

What I have been doing lately is working on it thru the week and I was finding that when I was taking photos I was like WOW this is going straight to the pool room I mean Project Life Album.

This week was different. I sat at the computer Sunday morning and uploaded all the photos from my phone and from the camera and went to work. I went thru the days and choose my pics and found I was getting lost within it. {how I don't know} so I grabbed a piece of paper and drew up a sketch of the Page protectors and went from there. 

I loved doing that. I will be doing that again.

So after having them printed I consulted my 'plan' again and went to work and I LOVE THE WAY IT HAS TURNED OUT have I already said that??? lol

So this week...

Left Side.
I am very proud of myself for putting more photos of me in even if they are not very flattering. lol

I got the Disney pic from pinterest but cant find the source.

Added a chipboard piece and inked it yellow and stuck it to the date card to continue on our count down

Cutest family pic we've had in a while

Some of my pic from the camera were vertical and so I cut them down on PSE and stuck them on some sexy paper from my stash

Right side
Love capturing the everyday

Again with the vertical photos

Hubby has really gotten on board and taken more photos of the two of us which is fabulous!

I loved adding things from my stash this week. I have add trouble in the past trying to make it work.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Any Questions please pop them below.
Would love to hear from you
Do you do project life? Would love a link to see your fabulous work x

Tara x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

from stressed to blessed

Lately life in our little world on the corner of town has been stressful to say the least.
Its been affecting me in any ways but one of them is eczema and geez its painful.

This makes it a bit easier tho
LOVE the time they have for each other to share at the end of the day

Putting all that aside tho. 

The last couple of days have really proved how blessed we are to have some amazing ppl around us . When our water heater blew up, Hubby sort of went into a little bit of a meltdown he does this by pacing the bajeesus out of the floorboards and then trying to make his magic on said broken thing in hope of fixing it and when that fails he resides to his computer and then begins searching for a new one, searching for options, getting lost in his little geeky world, lashing out at me and then getting lost in his world again. That's cool, that's how he copes, there was nothing we could do it happened at 6pm Easter Sunday.

We survived Easter Monday much to hubby disbelief of how well I was coping. 
I was surprised by that. 
Its only hot water. 
I have a stove. 
I boiled cold water on the stove. 
I made hot water. 
I'm a magician.

All this unawares to our little one. We dont like to let 'stressful things' out into the family air. Somethings we cant help, others we try to discuss when he is not around.
He actually thought it a bit of a novelty that Mumma told him to stand at the end of the hallway while she carried the over sized, extremely heavy, and just as hot pot of water from the stove to the bath room to have a wash. 
I'm here for his entertainment.

Husband made a phone call to a tradie friend. 
That phone call went from why didn't you ring me earlier, to ill be there soon to have a look.
He came and had a look. 
It was stuffed
He got us a good deal on a new water heater. 
He organised a plumber.
The plumber was here 0730 yesterday and it was in and working by 1pm.
I enjoyed the almighty out of a hot shower.
I sent hubby a text
was it good, was all I got back, man of many words my Husby
and I replied You know how we go on hols or someones else's house and we are like wow their shower is amazeballs. WELL THAT'S OUR SHOWER NOW!!!

We are truly blessed to have ppl who will help us in a random time of need.
It wasn't an issue. It was just done. 
We now have hot water.
Hubby has stopped pacing.
Thank you friend.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PL... the catch up

With everything going on around here life has been cRaZy to say the least. 

I did get a chance to do a bit of catching up of my PL 365 album HOORAY!

sooo with out further adieu.... 

Week 19th-25th March

Left side
I tried a few different things this week. Im glad I tried them but im not to sure I like the way it turned out overall.
The 'L' is our for our last name and its stuck to a filler card form the Cobalt Core Kit.
The Polka Dot ribbon pulls out from the last weeks page {you may be able to see the arrow} and it tells a story of Ronan at the library.
I LOVE the look of the bottom left and the way it captures them playing. Also love the way it came together.

Back side of insert
I got my camera back from repair and these are some of the shots I took with it that day. The 6x4 top right has also been done as a traditional layout for his album. LOVE

Right side
This side is to higgledypiggly for me.
I got a delivery from Polka Dot Creative and Had fun that night making a few scrap pages top left and I added the beautiful note from Jodie, with a not from myself behind that.

This is the top side of the insert.
RJ and I went to the playschool concert with a friend and her son. They LOVED it, it was fun watching them have so much fun.
 I don't know what the story is with blogger and putting my photos in a mixed up order. So while I work that our please excuse the crazy story line of the next weeks lot of photos.

Week 26th March - April 1st
Left side.
Lots of collages
a quote on a photo
A pull out story of me
writing straight onto a photo!

Insert 1 {the second insert is not included here}
Its a insert full of all my instagram photos for the photo a day challenge that I took in March.

Right side
I love the pic of Ronan in the sand and I wanted it bigger but didnt want it as an insert as I already had two so I cut it and  put it in the three pockets.

I used a flip up pocket to show the extra photos of my mums birthday dinner.
 Week 2nd-8th April
Left side.
some QR code fun.
and instagram shot that I loved so I thought that I'd try something diff and play around with sizes. I printed it as a 4x4 and cut it so that it went into 2 3x4 slots and wrote the caption down the side that I wrote on IG.

The Right Side
Its not completed so I will show you what Ive done so far
Top, Having some fun with friends I printed a 3x4 and add it to a Turquoise kit Bi-Fold Journaler.
The middle, Talks about RJ's independence and Inside my wallet
The Bottom. I realised the dogs were not making much of a show in this album . Tessah's {Collie} shots ARE the same dog they are just before and afters {isn't she BEAUTIFUL} And I LOVE Duke's {Dudu} happy face

This is another insert -ish type thing.
I cut a page protector that had already been cut and used the right size pocket to match. I used the washi tape because my sewing machine has decided that she doesn't like sewing plastic {fair enough I say that just means I get to use the beautiful washi} Stuck the Photo on cut the photo down the middle-ish and voila. Love the way it looks

Phew that was a lot. Hope you enjoyed having a squiz

Any question about anything at all please comment below.
{Would love a comment or two}

Thanks muchly x

Monday, 9 April 2012

it comes in threes right?

okay so, normally I take blows fairly well. 
I walked off a broken nose when I was punched at school. 
{dont ask} 


how much more of this 'testing' does the world feel like dishing out.
the second thing just broke, that's right... two in twelve hours. JOY.

Husby has gone to hide in his shed. 
In the cold. 
Hope he took a jacket.

It's not so major to some but to me its important. 
The monitor just broke, that's right the monitor.

Yes we still use it.
Its a necessity.
The way our house is set up and were our bedrooms are compared to the living areas are, its a necessity.
Our monitor literally saved my sons life.
It gave me piece of mind, when my mind was heading for pieces.
It has been on every holiday we have been on including the camping ones in the bush.
{all because it literally saved his life.}
Its an Angel Care Baby Monitor with the sensor pad. Its fab. Its been on everyday of my sons life and I think we have just worn it out. 
I'd been warned off this happening. Most of our friends have said you'll get two to three year out of it, us- 2.10years.

But as always in the house of three. 

You know what world! Test away. I'm ready!!! Number 3??? Bring it on!!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Perfectly the wrong timing as always

The tears are wet and hot as they run down my face.

Tears for many reasons really.

>The baby subject {AGAIN} it hurts every time


>Photos, not one photo of me has been taken this whole weekend. Unless its a selfie that I took with my son. It has been the same for the every day of significance for as long as I can remember, Christmas, birthdays, Easter sigh. This subject isn't as big of a deal for some, some ppl dont get it. 
BUT for this rockin body, as the memory keeper and photo taker of the family and basically photos are kind of my thing. I have a lot of them just over 27000 at last back up in the middle march and that's not including all the professional ones that have been taken and the couple of thousand I have taken since last back up. Like I said, its kind of my thing.

>Friends - I have issues in this department. Some of them have not been... I have issues in this department.

>Family... have been family you know how that subject goes, its good, its bad, its ugly.

AAAAND the water heater broke today.
As in Caput, Dead, No Workies, On indefinite strike, Stuffed. The freaking bugger of a thing.

It is perfectly the wrong time. As always.

Do these things happen to test us?

I'm sick of being tested now DO YOU HEAR ME WORLD?

Whats tested you lately?
What cheers you up when your feeling a bit low?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

time to strap them in...

Okay so today I did a new gym class, same trainer different program, it was a step class -OMG! I think I nearly died.

I also think I laughed at myself the whole way thru. I had a slight amount of co-ordination, but what put me off the most was my boozies! When I jumped they jumped with me but when I landed they were still jumping. It was so off putting all I could do was stop take a breath and laugh. I have a sports bra on but clearly it wasn't made for all kinds of jumping. 

No wonder all the girlies in the class were loving it, there boozie amount would be a third of what I have and clearly were not an issue to them...

Think its time to buy a better sports bra and really strap them in. SIGH...

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this issue.
Is there a sports bra you recommend?
hahahahaha I'm still laughing

my weakest link - organisation

Im not the most organised person, ESPECIALLY when I was working (a paid job) I am the queen of double and triple booking but my best talent is LOOSING things.

Im so good at it I deserve a medal, a big fat GOLD one.

So you can imagine my excitement when my husband came to me last night and said I just found these...

Did you still need them?

I nearly spat out my Milo!

Where were they I hear you ask? Why under the computer desk of course.

 I have been looking for these since like the third of Jan. YEP I said I wasn't good at this stuff. 
It was slowly eating me inside that I had lost them I had all these great intentions of putting them in my PL and it never happened. 
My son drew Santa just before Xmas and we did the 'interview/where hes at' on the 2nd of Jan and have intentions of doing the interview every six months. He is a June Baby so it works well. 

I love the drawings especially the one of himself in the interview.

Ill talk more about how Im trying to get organised later right now Im off to the gym.

Any questions please post below x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The greater good

So normally I wouldn't want an energy drink, I don't drink them I don't like them. Usually its the fear that I'd run faster home then driving if I had one. They send me a bit loopy PLUS I don't like the taste.

But when I received a text from one of our friends to get my husband and he a energy drink while I was down the street I fought with everything I had to not buy one for myself. SERIOUSLY! I stood there and weighed the options and thought

 'what about me' 

You can all sing with your best Shannon Noll voice now...

This is ALL because I couldn't/shouldn't have one. Any other day I wouldn't have thought twice, about not having one but because I have set myself a tall order of loosing a fair amount of weight in a short amount of time and I feel the eyes of everyone around me are waiting for me to fail. The urges to have things that I wouldn't normally have are enormous and they are the worst part of the battle.

I just keep telling myself its for the greater good... 


You can do this Tarz

Have you gone thru anything similar?
How do you handle the situation?
01 09 10