Monday, 14 May 2012

This week...{C&T est' 02}

This week my now Husband and I have been together for 10 years!


So much has happened with this man.
We met in year 7 we were 13.
We became friends.
It was always awkward.
But what part of high school isn't.
We were VERY different.
I grew up in a 'city' town and moved to a coastal village with my family when I was due to start high school.
He lived on a farm an hour away from my coastal village.
I rode bikes, ATV's and helped my dad with his small business every weekend and on holidays.
He had paddock bombs, motor bikes, tractors, animals and worked at a market garden when they needed him and at the local tractor mechanics each Saturday.
He liked that I could ride an ATV and had an understanding of car engines.
I liked the fact that he would talk to me like a normal person and not dumb down any part of knowledge that he knew and I didn't unless I asked.
Also the size of his shoulders and arms swoon
He dated everyone I knew.
I didn't.
He smoked
I didn't.
He was aloud to party
I wasn't.
We were also VERY much the same
We have a love for music
We both play an instrument
We share our love for cars.
We had already been friends for 5 years.

Our common ground was school.
He sent a text while I was working one night at a formal function at the school.
I need to talk to you about something important on Monday.
Kinda obvious huh?
My then REALLY good friend knew what was going on.
Her reaction also gave it away.
I told him that I was at work but he could call me when I got off.
He called.
The conversation was weird.
He ended up asking me out.
I EVENTUALLY said yes. lol.
We did our deb together. We were already deb partners.
He insisted on kissing me alllll the time. 
I don't do Public Displays Of Affection well
Year 12 started
We turned 18
We got our licenses 
I got VERY sick
I got better.
High school finished and he packed up and left for Uni in Central Victoria.
Some three hour drive away.
That was weird. 
Distance relationships are very hard
We almost didn't make it
My mum survived breast cancer and went into remission. 
I transferred my Tafe course.
I moved to Bendigo.
It was good.
I was at school full time and worked part time at a major craft store.
He was at school full time and worked part time at a powder coating place.
He liked clubbing and partying.
I didn't.
I went because he wanted me to. 
I despise crowds and the dark. Clubbing isn't really for me.
I was home sick.
I bought a dog. Her name is Tessah. 
She helped
Cash bought a car, it was a wreck. 
He fixed it and rebuilt it.
He loved it.
I loved it.
He wouldn't let me drive it.
I made friends.
Some of them are still my friends.
One of them I would call my best friend.
I miss her.
I moved back home, by myself.
I had a job lined up.
Cash got a job, he moved back home.
We lived with my folks till we got some money behind us to buy our first home.
We turned 21. We are four weeks apart.
I bought another dog. His name is Duke.
I bought a car.
I went to Europe.
He didn't
We bought our first home
His Favorite uncle died in the settlement period. That was a hard time.
We moved in
We got engaged.
I was making lunch.
Hes not really romantic but that's why I like him
We lost a baby.
We cried.
Our love changed
We contemplated getting married.
It didn't happen.
I lost another baby. More tears. Felt like I was failing a bit.
Our love changed again.
I left my job.
That was scary
I started a new job.
We needed to think about something else.
We booked our wedding reception for the middle of June the following year.
My best friend got married. It was beautiful.
LOVE that we are cracking up, over what I dont know but it must of been good.
We were both in the wedding party and I was honored to be her maid of honor.
I was pregnant and didn't know
The ultra sound tech said I was due the middle of June the following year.
The exact same day as the wedding.
I laughed.
People were shocked.
I wouldn't have changed a thing.
My mum's remission time finished win
My belly grew.
Look at my sexy bod-day!
Our love changed.
I changed the wedding date.
The wedding planner at the venue was fabulous.
She laughed with me
I had a wedding to plan
People tried to help because I was pregnant by taking over.
I stopped them from taking over.
I was pregnant not invalid
I had a car accident
We were fine.
The car not so much
It was fixed.
Baby was born

Mumma, Pappa & Baby Bear.
Our love changed a lot.
We got married ten weeks later.
It was fabulous.
The baby slept for most of the day.

We went on a small driving holiday for our honeymoon.
We made some changes to the house.
My best friend had her first baby 2 days before my baby turned one.
The baby turned one and so did our marriage.

I lost another baby. This is getting hard now.
I said goodbye to some one who was a friend.
Our love changed again.
We went on our first family holiday together.
That was so much fun.
We made more changes to the house.
The baby turned two and so did our marriage.

I lost another baby. sigh.
Friendships changed and grew stronger.
Our love changed again but I truly think its stronger then ever before.
We are now planning a major family holiday.
We are also planning on trying to extend our family again.
The anticipation of what could be is exciting
But as I said to a couple who are some great friends of ours the other day.
Its what could happen scares me away from going through the whole process again.
We have each other.

Ten years on...
Our love has changed more times then I can count.

I wouldn't have changed a thing

I love you Cash.


  1. What a beautiful post! Congrats on 10 years together x

    1. Thanks for the love Kirsten. x

  2. That was beautiful, LOVE it!!
    We have been together for 9 years and just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. 4 kids, a business and more in love than ever!!
    We are lucky girls!

    1. Thanks Liz, your right we are very lucky.
      Heres to many more happy years for the two of us x

  3. Gosh, this was beautiful.

    I feel like I have both happy & sad tears for you!

    We are so very similar, & so are our stories xx


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