Wednesday, 28 November 2012

oh Hai!

oh Hai!

How are you?

There has been a few questions/emails from you lately, 
questions like... where I am? If everything is okay?
{thats more often then you realise lol}

Okay... So I am right here, everything IS fine and well to be honest I really don't know where the blog posts have been. 

But I tell you what, I have missed this place... I am really looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs as well.

But in the mean time... 
Normal Transmission will resume shortly x

Tell me...
Do your loved ones ever pull awesome faces when you are trying to take a selfie?
What blogs do you think that I should be viewing today...


Friday, 26 October 2012

Flash Back Friday

June 2007
Trevi Fountain
I can hear the water running,
 the voices of the people around me,
the pennies/coins being dropped into the water
and the mumble of pleas for good luck, hopes and dreams

I can hear the laughter of people all around

I can remember the awe of actually seeing it for the first time

I can feel the heat from the sun

I can feel the exhaustion from a long haul flight.

Just like it was yesterday

Monday, 22 October 2012


Lately we have been

Him at his swimming lessons

About a time not that long ago

About two elements of that sign

Clothes shopping for the wedding coming up

Proud of myself
For completing a task

Laughing with

Laughing at
Us, for being fashion twins.

Proud of
Him and his complete fascination with books, which has always been
In awe of
This view that we had to stop for on our drive home today

Immensely Proud of
Him for conquering what ever the fear was that he had with bikes.

Whats been happening at yours lately?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Quiet Days

There has been a lot of quiet day around these parts...

I need them.

The world just moves too fast for me sometimes and I take refuge in my home where I know I can just breathe and get on with it, till I am ready to face the world again.

You know what I mean, when you feel like all you have done for days in a row is buckle seat belts unbuckle seat belts, only to re-buckle them again and this is repeated 451647558126554473.1 times.
Sometimes it is just nice to stop, look & listen.


What do I do with a busy little three year old who knows nothing but to keep moving playing and exploring.

What do I do with a busy three year old who has used up all the green paint and PVA glue and we seem to have run out of shake shakes {glitter}

What do I do with a busy three year old who is walking around a bit lost because I refuse to turn the telly on and yet he has more then enough toys to sink a ship but I feel as though he needs "something different to play with".

My boy has always been obsessed with transport vehicles of any description.

So that is always a good start and I just went from there.

I added a bag of dried split peas to a wooden tray and then I added some carved wooden animals, along with his favourite trucks and diggers and set him up on a table on the deck.

He was there for hours...


Wordless Wednesday

Am I the only one wishing I was there...?

Or there?

 You are welcome

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Celebrating making half way... FMSphotoaday

Okay so I set myself a challenge to actually complete a full month of FatMumSlims Photo a day challenge. 

I made it a challenge because I start every month... do a couple of days and then forget about it, try and catch up and then give up...

I know I'm not the only one who this happens to, but I really wanted to make myself do it.

So thus being the challenge...
I am now celebrating being half way. YAAAY!

I have been sharing them with my peeps on Instagram
... are you on there? You should pop by and say hello...

So here is what I have so far...

Day One-
Where you stood
Day Two-
I had lunch under these gorgeous flowers

Day Three-
This happened today
Day Four-

What you read
The only thing I got to read that day and this was at midnight so that I could wind down after a big day.

Day Five-
He is my little shadow

Day Six-

I'm thankful for
For him & us
Day Seven-
Tripping out with the extra light we had today

Day Eight-
Photography from a different angle

Day Nine-
Because where else would you park your bike other then in front of the sink at tea cooking time

Day Ten-
Oh you have no idea what this does to ones emotions

Day Eleven-
Something close up
Me- after a hard day.

Day Twelve-

On the table
Monthly Meal Planning

Day Thirteen-

Well this is embarrassing... I will have to get back to you on this one

Day Fourteen-

Makes you laugh

Day Fifteen-

Mediterranean Pizza. With Ham, Char-grilled Capsicum, cheese with rocket and spinach. DELISH!
And there you have it 15 WELL almost photos of the photo a day challenge.

How good does the pizza look?!!!

Are you doing this months challenge?

Be good to you x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Fiji 2012 Daybook

This has been a long time coming, and by that I had to actually print the pictures and complete the task.

I do this often, I take my time to record big things that we have done. I find this works for me. It helps me document the things I want to remember without having the pressure of

I reminisce well. Very well and this works for me.

The day book is an Amy Tan Montage Day Book and I love it!
If you are looking for one for yourself go to here to
Polka Dot Creative {PDC} grab some and a few other things and say HI to Jodie for me :0)
You will see mainly Amy Tan products through out the pictures. Which are also found at PDC.
I also used a variety of other things from my stash.

Anyways... Lets share some pages shall we.

I totally went all out on the front cover... seriously though... what more does it need...?
And yes I still have the cover on it. I leave it on while its been handled a lot through creating and then when its first completed, once the novelty wheres off a bit I will take the cover off.

There she is, in all her memory filled glory.
I tried to keep it all 'light' when it came to the embellies. AND YES I did outline just about every photo.. this is because I didnt want to mat all of them but they needed something... annnnd I like the look.
The left is my boys watching the ceremony take place, the right is out side the chapel
In real life these pages are my favourite, they don't seem to take true form on the camera though.
I love how you can see snippets of other pages on any page you are on
There are two pockets in the day book. I utilised one.
When you pull the photos out entirely to look at them, there is a journalling card full of information for the photos.
I loved adding little words on the back page, I did this on the first as well.
If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this.
This is our son helping me document my day book
These are some of the photos he took.
We have taught him from very young {since he showed interest} how to use and respect the camera, this is really just if he did get a hold of it unsupervised at least he wont trash it completely.
He is getting pretty good at picking up the details.
Except every now and then his finger gets in the way... we are still working on his hold.
Well thanks for stopping by and having a squiz.
A little photo heavy, but you may have worked out I haven't shared all the pages.

Have you used Day books before?
I would love to see them!
Have you been to Fiji?
Any questions at all about anything above let me know below. :0)
This is in no way a sponsored post, I love these products and PDC for such products and service.
If it was sponsored by anyone it would have to be my Husby who worked hard for the money so that I can create such pretties.
And for this I thank him.

Flashback Friday

Lets flash back to our first family photo.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

{image source unknown :0(}

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The way we shop

We {read I} shop monthly here at the Everyday Happenings house.
There is nothing special about it, I don't have magical shopping fairies who do it for me {I wish}. But people have asked how/why we do it.

There are many reasons why we do it...
It saves us a lot of money. 
We can buy in bulk if we need

We meal plan to make it easier. I have also found that doing so there is less wastage and since shopping monthly there has been hardly any food wasted at all.
There is the occasional thing forgotten about that gets lost in the back of the fridge abyss. But we are only human.

Preparing myself for this mammoth task - because that is what it is... mammoth. Takes mental prep... sounds ridiculous I know but I have to physch myself up for it, it takes an effort here at home to get organised as to what we are actually going to buy and what we need to buy and then the task of making sure everything we need is on the list so that we dont forget it because if it isn't on the list then that's it to bad we dont get it till next shop. Unless of course its a necessity. 

Basically I break this task down as follows.

  •  What meals we would like for the month.
I always make sure there is enough for 31 meals and sometimes I ad a couple more for safe keeping.
I include lunches for the three of us
I include snacks
I also include things that I might want to bake.
  • I write all those things down on lists
These are lists that I have created because nothing I have found doesn't really work for me. From there I get layout that I have and write down each meal and write down each and every ingredient that is needed for that meal.

  • I then transfer 
those ingredients onto my shopping list divided up into sections that work for us, Groceries, Cold, Clean, Hygiene etc.
  • I then add
the things that we may need, things we have run out of, things that hubby would like to try etc.

The one thing I do use that is store bought is the kikki-k monthly planner, I use it to write out what happens for our month and I use another one and add the meals to. Easy.

I then do my magic trick of making it all happen at the supermarket in a sane manner of affairs.
Our son singing the house supermarket down

I usually tackle the task of shopping on a weekend because then hubby can give me a hand, we usually always end up with two trolleys.

Doing our bit for the economy

Its a task, it can be full on depending on the month we have ahead.

But, its only done once a month. BAZINGA!

The only thing we have to go back to the supermarket for are the fresh things... milk {which is almost every day at the moment!!!},  cheese {if we run out}
Vegetables we get from a green grocer usually weekly sometimes fortnightly.

So there you go. And to those who had messaged me on how I get it done, sorry its taken so long. 

Do you shop weekly, fortnightly??? Monthly???
What are your tips and tricks?

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