Friday, 26 September 2014

The mother in me

Does the best she can, and that's all that anyone can ask for... right?

Right... that's all I would ask of any other mother... do THE best you can.

And I do, I honestly do... But,

I wish I was more of an organised mother... with lists of things to do and those things achieved... even though there is often a list written it is never executed well... 
                             Quite often by the time I have written the list I have already done a couple of things so I add them to then promptly cross them off so that I can feel more accomplished...and I have calanders on pinboards and I invite the hubby to all events he is required to attend via the phone calender.

I wish I was one of those who wrote more 'life with you posts' because how great will they be to look back on.
                            But I do, do them but only when I can.

I wish I was one who went out and did more in the real world.
                            Well, that one I am working on, and honestly... some days are better then others.

I wish I was one who kept a tidier home... don't get me wrong my home is clean and even more so now with the edition of a dishwasher... but the crap that piles up... my lord make it stop.
                             It will happen one day right?

I wish I was one that did more activities at home instead of letting my 5 year old sit and play the iPad while the little one has his day nap.
                             The kitchen table is currently a ongoing craft/lego area which is available to him all day and lets be honest... everybody needs down time.

I wish I was one that added 'mighty super mega awesome vitamin powder that gives you super powers and helps you see through walls and run like a stallion*' to the family meals.
                              Yea, I have nothing.

I wish I could write here more, to document more.
                             This is my 6th attempt of getting a post out... I have stopped and entertained the littlest one each time because I can't see the value in releasing thoughts out there if they come from stressed fingers and  I honestly just don't know what to share here anymore. 

I wish I took more photos.
                             I will always wish I took more photos.

I wish I could...

I wish I did... 

I wish I was...

There is a lot of them... and that's the thing, I just don't feel like I am hitting the bar that I had set out for myself when I was a child care worker and  kinder teacher and I had the "I'm going to be this type of Mum" thoughts.

Lets all scoff and laugh at 15-23 year old Tara... Because honestly... those years taught me more then I realised they did... and lets be honest... we are never REALLY that mother we thought we were going to be. Because curve balls come in the size of tiny humans that literally can suck the energy from you and then your reserves and then the rest before you realise holly crap balls this is hard.

Don't get me wrong... I don't want this to be a 'woe is me post' I am not 'woeing' I am not moaning... I am just getting it out so that I can get some of the guilt off my shoulders and store it somewhere else for a while, because this really IS HARD.

Hubby works madly insane hours... 

I do a lot of the yes/no choices myself, and its hard... because are they the right ones.

I do 'most' (and I say most because he washed his own clothes last night) of the household chores and I do all of the cooking three times a day and the snacks/mini meals in between, and its hard and nudist colonies and in home cooks seem like a really good idea most of the time. 

I do all of the running around with the boys. And its hard because baby's have to sleep and preschoolers have to preschool.

I get up to them every night, often times. and that nearly kills me every night. But every night I get up and do it.

The thing is... it is MEANT to be hard and right now I AM the best mother I can be because...

They are only 5 once, they are only 14months once... they are only inutero once...

I am a big believer in this...

From Pinterest
And when the 5 year old wants help with how to draw/write/spell... I stop and help...

And when the 14month old comes into the kitchen when you are desperately trying to get some sort of healthy-ish meal cooked in time for tea time and the 14 month old waltzes into the kitchen and stands looking at you with pleading eyes and says 'car-doo' then by golly I stop and give him the cuddle he is looking for. 

Because half the time I need one too.

*could possibly not be a real product

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