Sunday, 19 August 2012

Isn't it...


Isn't it funny how things affect you...
Like how actions from people affect you.

Like how the news of a tragedy can make you stop and really think.

It makes you think about all those you have in your life.
It makes you think about all the friendships you have had in your life and why they are no more.
It makes you think about all those things you said you were going to do, but you have not crossed them off the list yet.

It makes you realise so much more about yourself and how much the past few months/years have changed you.

It makes you realise the things you DO have and that the things that you want/desire/dream of dont matter so much any more.

It makes you think if what you are doing is worthwhile.

We lost a man and a friend that everyone loves through a tragic accident. He was the peoples man and he basically had time for a chat with everyone and even if we haven't seen each other for... forever, it didn't matter because the conversations were still full and rich.

I have had more conversations in the last two weeks with people I haven't physically seen in years and

  Isn't funny how they still know you...

Like when they are sitting behind you in the service and they know you are crying before you really know you are crying and offer you a tissue
or 12. 

It's funny how fifteen years of friendship seems to just pick up from where it left off like the years where we spoke to each other on and off weren't really so.

It's like we only saw each other yesterday and there wasn't a gap in those fifteen years.

And words like, "we need to catch up for a drink" seem more real. Words like "I miss you" are taken more to heart.

Its funny how a hug can reduce two people to much needed tears just because we needed it.

Isn't it funny how one big change, can make lots of little changes.

for the better I hope.

Rest easy now friend.

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