Monday, 6 August 2012

Positive I will stay...

I'm having one of those mornings where I am trying to stay uber positive.
You know when your thoughts give you doubts and you feel your self believing them?
I'm trying to not let the nonsense take over today.
Perhaps its Mondayitis, Perhaps its the cant be bothereds.
Call it what you will, but positive I will stay...
I know of two people that would be very happy to read that right now... {Hi}


How do you stay motivated on Mondays???
How do you fight those negative thoughts?
What do you use lemons for?
Or are you more of a Lime lover??


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  1. My master 15 tells me when I come home with a bag of lemons from the inlaws tree that he is going to print a T-shirt with "life" on it and hand them out! I dislike mondays too...but it means one more day closer to the weekend again, so thats what get me to the end on Monday and Hello Tuesday :)


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