Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lately {Feb 2014}

Here is a bit of life lately.

Watching - Nothing in particular {any suggestions?}

Listening - To R sing P!NK songs at the top {THE TOP} of his lungs

But I am loving this... 

And this...

Admiring -  All the beautiful Mummas sending their babes off to school for the first time.

Eating -  Almost ANYTHING I can get my hands on, breastfeeding for the WIN! 
*Note to self... INCREASE protein...again

Crafting -  I WISH!

Baking -  More then I have in the previous year, but still not as much as I like to.. next up... These

Waiting for - Our new budget to start... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel HUZZAH!

Dealing with - Thoughts I never thought I would have to process

Whats new - Four year old Kinder, that's whats new!

Researching - More on baby led weaning, my little man just isn't that into food, so we wait.. and try again another time... because I am being led by him... true?

Lusting over - Houses... that are probably too far out of our reach... but we look anyway.

So tell me...
Any good shows/movies I should be watching?
Baked anything good lately?
Do you tease yourself with real estate porn too? Tell me I'm not the only one!

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. We've just finished watching all five seasons of Boston Legal. It's not a newie, but it was for me and I enjoyed the giggle. James Spader is a brilliant actor. As for real estate - my husband is addicted. He is always looking, lusting, dreaming, despite having just built our house. Ha! X

    1. Ooooh I will look into it!

      Thanks Bec x


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