Friday, 14 February 2014

[Lets discuss] My random thoughts on things.

I have eleventy billion thoughts going through out my head at any given time and I have managed to catch some of them so I thought we would have a bit of a discussion...

The price of groceries! 

What is the go with the increase on things... One item that is on my receipt tonight was a $1.25 less TWO weeks ago. OUTRAGEOUS! 

If everything has an increase like that and you have a 100 items on your list that's an extra $125 per shop! Crazy!

Where do you shop?

How often?



We live on a STRICT budget... every dollar is accounted for.

It is as hard as anything, but its my reality and that is how it is.

I have been helping some friends with their budgets because they have goals to obtain and I am happy to help them


Because when I was trying to work it all out for myself I would have done anything for help... its hard to work it all out...

THAT should be taught in schools more, no?



Mine is a fuel thieving zombie that loves to annoy me to no end.

I have buyers remorse BIG TIME.

Now I am a car girl. I love them! I understand them! When the mechanic starts talking I understand his language. Its good.

But my car is taking to much of my budget and I want to know, 

What do you drive?

Whats it like on fuel?



Do you own them?

We have in the past... Now the tank is sitting there with water running through its filter system all day all night... keeping weeds alive and rocks wet.

What's your hardiest fish?


Meal plans.

I do it month in month out.

Its monotonous, but it needs to be done to keep the le budget in check.

Things get repeated, month in month out.

I would have a 4.5 year old rage machine if  "sausages, gems, crunchy carrots and cheese" didn't find itself on the table at least once a fortnight. 

What meal do you repeat to keep the peace?

What meal do YOU LOVE?


Future blog posts.

There has been some people asking how I do my monthly shopping.

Is that something you want to see?


Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. Groceries - still trying to figure that out myself :-/ We shop weekly though.
    Budgets - yes, it most definately should!!!
    Cars - Nissan Pulsar, but far too small for us :-( Average $40-45 on fuel a week. Want to upgrade, but refuse to take out a loan at this point in time!!
    Fish - no ;-)
    Meal Plans - tuna mornay & spag bol is a must in our house. It's the two meals I can guarantee to have no complaints about & empty bowls. My FAVE is garlic lamb roast ;-)
    Future Blog Posts - sure!!

    1. Thanks for your comment monkeysmummy!

      I really must try tuna mornay, we do a tuna pasta bake and that is hit and miss. The good ol' spag is a must around here too! {how could I forget!} Lamb roast is a loved meal too... although its called Roast Bacon... dont ask, lol.

  2. Love a good brain dump. It does wonders for the soul!
    Our "go-to" meal is spag bol. It's the only savoury meal that Big will eat that contains veggies. I'm definitely keen to see how you go about a monthly shop. Blog away... X

    1. Yes! so do I and I agree! Good old spag! that also does wonders for this mummas inner wog too! Monthly shop, isnt spesh but I will see what I can do.

      Thank you Bec x


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