Sunday, 6 April 2014

[The 52 Project] 14/52

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for 2014."

Finnley- You broke through our make shift barrier of baskets full of books and you were not fooled by the fact that they toy mat was in your way... You pushed them all out of the way so that you could STAND up at the tv unit!!! Then you proceeded to shout and yell at the Cars movie with great volume! 

Ronan- 'Reach for the starrrrrs'... or the clouds in this matter. You relished in one on one time on this day while Finnley was in bed. It was warm and sunny outside and you had BOTH Mumma and Dad to play with out in the yard, the laughter was infectious!

The 52 Project by Practising Simplicity 
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  1. Oh my! F is getting to be so strong! And I absolutely adore that shot of R. Bliss! X

    1. Yes... very strong, and perhaps a little bit cheekier as he learns each new skill.

      I am loving this shot! Thank you! I think I might have to get it printed on a bigger scale. x

  2. Just love the swing photo - stunning capture!


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