Monday, 7 January 2013


As I am battling a head/neck/back ache that would give Satan a run for his money and Ronan is consuming copious amounts of morning tea I thought I would just reflect on whats been happening lately as well as touching on the end of last year as we do.

December saw us rocking out at end of year Mini Maestro concert.

 Then there was Kinder orientation... be still my heart

 Beach days a plenty

Traditional Christmas Tree selecting

Just a little announcement...

 pfft little! we couldn't be more excited

We celebrated the new year with friends

We spent the day at the zoo, it was fabulous. Melbourne but on a great day for us and we enjoyed a picnic in the grounds and loved watching Ronan walk around with his 'list' {the map} and choosing where we would go next.

Hope this finds you well.

Whats been happening with you lately?

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