Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Almost home sweet home

Everybody has some sort of issue with their neighbour hood.

Some have neighbours who mow at 9 at night.

Some have built beautiful homes only for the block next door to have units put on it

Some have motor bikes that use the bush land behind and beside there entire property 

Some have toss-bags with really totally awesome cars {read legally shouldn't be on the road} who cut laps through the estate that you live in and use the main road which has speed humps

All of the above except one is us... we deal with this... DAILY
Mind you these people use the main road as a race track. 

Today... three cars were racing each other.

Around and around and around and around

IT is hard to deal with. It is hard when your VERY tired three year old is screaming because the motor bike is revving right next to your property and then cuts laps behind it. This affecting our son. Making him so frightened he shakes because of the shear noise. 

Or with in seconds of said motorbike finally pissing off, the Cars start up... they are so so loud. And so not fair.

What people need to understand. Is this my HOME, not just any house, not just some house in a crappy area. 

When we bought this house we were young, naive.



Inside these walls we have renovated, painted... made plans of futures ours and our sons... had parties... celebrations... there has been tears... laughter, good and bad times.

We have worked hard to make this our home, whether I call it the crap shack or not.
This is our home...

And we deserve respect.


Well... Almost

 Image- Pinterest

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