Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Master L turns 1

I like to help, Its what I do.

I especially like to help when it comes to helping with putting on birthday parties... This is one example. The way I see it, birthdays deserve to be celebrated and if I can help make that happen then its a win in my book.
I don't do it for any other reason then, helping the party planners plans come to life and see them enjoying {usually via a smile thrown my way} all the hard work that has gone into organising the party come true.
That IS the best bit...seriously.

So discussions began with Lady S about the up coming birthday party and her plans to celebrate her little mans first birthday. Her plans were great plans... her plan eyes were waaaaay bigger then her plan belly lol. I offered help and she accepted. Good.

Last week we started putting these plans into action and started making things for the party. Oh the laughs... the late nights... and the hot milos... which I bet we both wished they were wines... but seeings that I am on a wine drinking hiatus {read pregnant} it was probably a good thing there wasn't any wines as the late nights made us delirious anyway.

The theme... Pirate party
The location. At Lady S's house
Things required... what all good pirate parties need really.
A treasure map, a game to coincide with said treasure map.
Loot bags,
An area to play,

The party was on Master L's actual birthday and as February weather can be either wet or hot, the party was for the late after noon with a bbq dinner.
We worked for several nights last week and both Saturday and Sunday to get all the plans into action... I think all the time and effort paid off :0)

A few shots of the day...

A place to play...

 All the pirates collected their treasure maps and bags and were on their way

Master R assessing his map

Stop one on the map, Shark cove... searching for gems

Stop two, Pirate Jewell's... collect your pearls

Stop three, Buried treasure... Dig for coins
with a bit of help
The game was a hit and the children loved it... a majority of the parents got involved which was so awesome to see.

Some, food shots...

A shark melon, which was filled with water melon and strawberries.

Sharks in the sea. Or jelly....

And the cake... Amaze...

And of course... The Birthday boy himself. The gorgeous Master L...
Arrrrrr me hearty.

Do you like to help with parties?
Are your plan eyes sometimes bigger then your plan belly?
What is your favourite theme?

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