Friday, 12 October 2012

Fiji 2012 Daybook

This has been a long time coming, and by that I had to actually print the pictures and complete the task.

I do this often, I take my time to record big things that we have done. I find this works for me. It helps me document the things I want to remember without having the pressure of

I reminisce well. Very well and this works for me.

The day book is an Amy Tan Montage Day Book and I love it!
If you are looking for one for yourself go to here to
Polka Dot Creative {PDC} grab some and a few other things and say HI to Jodie for me :0)
You will see mainly Amy Tan products through out the pictures. Which are also found at PDC.
I also used a variety of other things from my stash.

Anyways... Lets share some pages shall we.

I totally went all out on the front cover... seriously though... what more does it need...?
And yes I still have the cover on it. I leave it on while its been handled a lot through creating and then when its first completed, once the novelty wheres off a bit I will take the cover off.

There she is, in all her memory filled glory.
I tried to keep it all 'light' when it came to the embellies. AND YES I did outline just about every photo.. this is because I didnt want to mat all of them but they needed something... annnnd I like the look.
The left is my boys watching the ceremony take place, the right is out side the chapel
In real life these pages are my favourite, they don't seem to take true form on the camera though.
I love how you can see snippets of other pages on any page you are on
There are two pockets in the day book. I utilised one.
When you pull the photos out entirely to look at them, there is a journalling card full of information for the photos.
I loved adding little words on the back page, I did this on the first as well.
If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this.
This is our son helping me document my day book
These are some of the photos he took.
We have taught him from very young {since he showed interest} how to use and respect the camera, this is really just if he did get a hold of it unsupervised at least he wont trash it completely.
He is getting pretty good at picking up the details.
Except every now and then his finger gets in the way... we are still working on his hold.
Well thanks for stopping by and having a squiz.
A little photo heavy, but you may have worked out I haven't shared all the pages.

Have you used Day books before?
I would love to see them!
Have you been to Fiji?
Any questions at all about anything above let me know below. :0)
This is in no way a sponsored post, I love these products and PDC for such products and service.
If it was sponsored by anyone it would have to be my Husby who worked hard for the money so that I can create such pretties.
And for this I thank him.


  1. Tara I just love it, this is fantastic. x

  2. Looks awesome Tara !!! Well done :). You should email this to Amy - she would love it :)

    1. Thanks Beth! Appreciate that a lot.


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