Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Quiet Days

There has been a lot of quiet day around these parts...

I need them.

The world just moves too fast for me sometimes and I take refuge in my home where I know I can just breathe and get on with it, till I am ready to face the world again.

You know what I mean, when you feel like all you have done for days in a row is buckle seat belts unbuckle seat belts, only to re-buckle them again and this is repeated 451647558126554473.1 times.
Sometimes it is just nice to stop, look & listen.


What do I do with a busy little three year old who knows nothing but to keep moving playing and exploring.

What do I do with a busy three year old who has used up all the green paint and PVA glue and we seem to have run out of shake shakes {glitter}

What do I do with a busy three year old who is walking around a bit lost because I refuse to turn the telly on and yet he has more then enough toys to sink a ship but I feel as though he needs "something different to play with".

My boy has always been obsessed with transport vehicles of any description.

So that is always a good start and I just went from there.

I added a bag of dried split peas to a wooden tray and then I added some carved wooden animals, along with his favourite trucks and diggers and set him up on a table on the deck.

He was there for hours...


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