Thursday, 21 June 2012

A three year olds Birthday party - fire truck style...

My baby turned three on Tuesday, THREE!


We held a party for him on Saturday just gone.

So when we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said...I have a party.

Okay we said what type of party would you like... 

A fire truck party with hands on hips Because we should of known of course...

So the preparations of a firetruck party began... there was just one issue we were going to Fiji so I had to make the preparations and the party work around that because the designated date for said party was less then a week after we flew back in to Melbourne.

One thing I did discover though, Besides a pinata. No thats right NO suppliers have fire truck themed birthday supplies. Unless its Fireman Sam but Ronan isn't into Fireman Sam. 
He is into fire trucks.
So we created our own decorations and props by using some basic items.
With some extra help from a jumping castle.
I think by doing this we were able to create something a bit special for our little man.

It all worked out in the end so this is what happened.

Scatters and red and yellow alternated cups, just for that little fire truck love
We have gotten a silver numbered balloon every year. It is something I promised my self I would do when I was working at a party supply store just because I love them so much.
There are always balloons... ALWAYS!

This was given to him on his First Birthday from us and it is still one of the most loved outdoor toys.
The fire truck that we made for the party.
The lights on top flash as well {SPESH!}

This is something else we do every year. We cut the cake together.
Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes via instagram, text, phone and email.
He says he had a great day and that in the end is the main thing.

Any questions about anything please ask :0)



  1. ohh how awesome!! I love the firetruck you made! !So clever!! Lucky boy!

    1. Thanks chick! He LOVES it and plays with it all the time x

  2. You are such a beautiful Mum!

    The fire truck is incredible!

    High 5's! x


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