Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Whats six months between friends?

Today was the first day I had been in attendance of a mothers group get together in roughly six months. 
I was shocked by that when I had worked it out. We have seen each other I just haven't been to anything during the week on the 'official' mothers group day.

So many reasons why I haven't been, I have my own personal issues which I have shared with you all maybe once or twice before but its always a little deeper then that. 

Regardless of what ever the reasons and besides the fact not every one was there, it was so so SO good.

Good for me
Good for the soul.
Good for Master R.

Just plain good.

We didn't talk about me and my issues. I didn't feel poked and prodded with questions of my next step or have I tried certain different things or I should be taking 2 aspirins and do a jog around the bedroom before getting into bed. yes I have been told that.

Master R enjoyed himself immensely. The swings, the slide, the squishy grass, the bikes, the bubbles and even the sun was out so that we could go for a walk down to the park and the children could go for a play. The children played so beautifully.
and why wouldn't they, 
It was a good day.

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