Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fiji 2012

Fiji was is beautiful.
It was our first Overseas family holiday.

I think being there as apart of a big group really helped set the scene we strengthed friendships and made new ones {which for those who know me isn't an easy task} and if I had to do it again I would definitely do it with a group.

...again... HA!

it was an expensive trip, but only because we splurged. A LOT.

View from our room

They sang happy birthday to me and gave me cake... for breakfast...

The storm coming in and the beach on the resort was shut for two days
Wouldn't want to volunteer to clean this pool..

We went because we were invited to a wedding which was fabulous and why wouldn't it be it was on my birthday after all!   
We stayed longer to make it into a nice big holiday basically because we don't know when we will be doing something like this again. 
Unless your my Mum, because she seems to think I'll be on holiday in 5 years. She works on the theory of I was in Paris for my 22nd Fiji for my 27th so for my 32nd... She is more then welcome to fund my next overseas trip so I can keep this unrecognised tradition alive... time will tell I guess.

Have you been overseas for a special occasion?
Have you celebrated your birthday overseas?
Do tell your adventures so can start planning my 32nd lol!


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