Tuesday, 7 January 2014

{#justonething365} Week One.

I was inspired by the ever gorgeous Daisy from Daisy Roo and Two.

I have done many things in an attempt to document our lives, scrap booking, Project life & even attempted to blog on a 'regular' basis. 

But this... THIS I think I can stick to.

The idea is to write just one thing a day... for a whole year... so at the end of the year you have at least 365 things written about your life... about your littles... about your day to day stuff. 
How you felt... what made you laugh... the nice stuff.

Because sometimes, its hard to remember the good stuff when you are swamped by what feels like a mountain of not so good stuff.

This is going to be fun.

I am looking forward to the end of the year when I see my book FULL of little things.
I am not giving myself any rules.
I can write one things about our day or 10.

I aim to write a post each week about our memories because I want to be able to store the photos with some of the memories as well and this is the perfect space.

I may not write every day down though... some things... well they are just for families only.

Seeings as this is the first time I have been on the computer since the end of December I am starting a little late... but never mind.

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Day one:

Ronan managed to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks on tv. We had S, A & L over for a dinner and some sparkler fun, they left at around 10 and Ronan was determined  to stay up and watch them with us. SO PROUD OF HIM for making it! He loved them!
As an extra bonus... he slept until 10:45 the next morning! Happy new year indeed!

Finnley managed to sit unsupported for 5 seconds!

Day two: 

Ronan was having trouble using his skateboard that he got from Santa so not one to give up he road around on it on his stomach and glided up and down the deck.

Finnley; still working on getting his arms strong enough to hold him up!

Day four:

Ronan was compliment on his beautiful manners by a stall holder at the local market. It was such a beautiful compliment.

Finnley sat unsupported for TEN seconds.

Day five:

I had Ronan ring his Uncle for his birthday first thing, it was something that my sister and I used to do when we were little... we would ring the cousins straight after breakfast and shout happy birthday into the phone and then ask them what they got for their birthdays.
Such a great memory looking back and its something I want my boys to do as well.

While feeding Finnley, we discovered that Ronan had helped himself to the sunscreen... even though I had only JUST put sunscreen on him.
He has never done anything like this before. It was hard to decide whether to be cross or just laugh. So we wiped him up and had a bit of a chat about using things moderately.

Love this boy.
So there you go... Our first week in #justonething365 

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Are you writing just one things as well? or a 52 to project?
Do you have a blog where you are sharing your #justonething365? DO share below x
I was wanting to do a portrait a week as well... but it might be all a bit too much... we will see.


  1. Beautiful! That sunscreen pic is SUCH a gorgeous memory, Tara. I just love this concept. There is so much joy in the little things, and this is the perfect reminder of that. Especially in those tough moments. X

    1. You are right! There is so much joy in the little things! The pic is HILARIOUS every time I see it I crack up laughing! Thanks for stopping by x


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