Monday, 27 February 2012

Mold-able Sand anyone?

Hello again!
{have to say I am a bit excited to see so many page views THANKS}
Anyways back to business...

Its been HOT and HECTIC in our little house over the last few days. So we spent yesterday (Sunday) at home for some well earned RnR and some 'us' time.

Master R seemed to enjoy being at home all day in the cool thank goodness.

Yesterday we did loads of activities together to try and keep cool and entertained.

One that I think is worth a mention, I came across this on Pinterest (big shout out for pinterest) if you haven't had a look yet I suggest you trundle off and have a look after you've finished reading here of course.

Master R wanted to build SAND CASTLES but our sand was so dry that it just wasn't working and I had remembered the above mentioned pin.

SO we made mold-able flour

It literally took no more then a minute to put together and all it was 8 cups of plain flour and 1 cup of baby oil.


I added some plastic cups, some spoons and different size measuring cups and we were good to go

It makes fabulous 'Sand Castles' and smells good to!

So good to scoop
Even Dad joined in...
It was good apparently have to love a WIN with the BIG kids as well

We made tunnels

AND even ventured in with our toes
We all played with it for about an hour and it made a fabulous mess. But lucky it was just flour if it was sand Id be still finding it everywhere I walked (blah).
We have put it away for another day...But there was already a request for it this morning so who knows we might have it back out this arvo.

How do you keep cool and calm on really hot days? Would love to hear your activities.

Thanks again for stopping by.


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