Friday, 4 April 2014

[Lets Play] Dino Land

Activities like this, have ALWAYS appealed to Ronan.

He adores the confinement of the tray and I find he becomes engrossed in the little world inside. He can be transfixed for quite a while with this play type and that is always a win when you are a busy Mumma. 

I also find that if he gets a bit 'over' it I can suggest things for him to add to it and he is engrossed all over again. 

On this day we chose to stay home, we needed a day to just be, to spend time in our pjs, to not eat out of a lunch box, to play endlessly on the floor, to bake and wouldn't you know it today was the day that the utilities company decided to chop a part of a ENORMOUS gum-tree to prevent it interfering with the lines.

When we saw that they were leaving bits of branches on the kerb we jumped at the chance to grab some bits and pieces for various ideas we had... Ronan suggested getting larger branches for his diggers and trucks, I said if he can carry them he can take them.

But... because of the rain, we decided to make DINO LAND.

You will need:
  • Assorted branches with leaves
  • A tray
  • Largish branches that could pose as logs
  • Split peas/dirt/sand/shredded paper.
  • Dinosaurs.

He played with it for HOURS... going to and fro from the table

He was able to just be... which is JUST what he needed.

Do you take days to just be? 

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. We actually set up something very similar this week. Though it wasn't dinosaurs... I'll have to get Big some dino figures to play with. She'd love it. X

    1. Try ebay... I got most of these dinos (especially the larger ones as I found them harder to find at the shops) when I was working, for a steal on ebay.
      Otherwise most shops have dinosaurs. x


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