Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Master R leads a busy life for the amount of years that he has been around. Basically my life is busy because his life is busy. 
Not that I wouldn't change it for anything, although some of the fees for somethings could be less just saying.

This morning was swimming... fabulous we both love the water and the pool that he goes to is a real pool not like some centres where they make adults get into the kiddies pool and you feel like a duck who cant float properly because your knees are near your ears and you rear end is near your heels.


As the lesson was progressing I realised that I was the only one who was actively involved and encouraging my son to participate in the actual lesson. 
All the other parents and I mean all three of them its not a big class were having there own convos and the like which is fine but enough becomes enough when I am the one saving their child from drowning because they were facing the other parent full on and were deep in conversation. sigh

I don't know perhaps Ive got this wrong. 
Maybe I'm a little over baring/protective/mollycoddley...responsible
But as I said we pay a lot of money for these lessons and there is no way Master R is drowning not participating on my watch.

I might add the parent didn't even notice my amazing feat of brilliance in saving her child.
Tho Master R did and he said "good job Mumma" that's a tick of approval if I ever did hear one.

Tara x

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