Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Somewhere over this rainbow...

I love rainbows.
Why wouldn't I, they are colourful and curvy.
Things that I wish I was.
This is part of one that we saw first thing this morning on our way out.
We could see the whole arch from our front yard.
It stopped Master R and I in our tracks, we stopped and just looked at it. 
Its funny how rainbows do that.
We spoke about the colours and where we thought the ends were. 
It was a great conversation and really showed where Master R is at. 
Its funny how rainbows do that.

Lots of things have been going on in the Everyday Happenings House and while I/We sort through them we may be just a bit quiet around these parts.
I wish that I was able to write more on my little blog but I am having trouble putting my words out there at the moment.

I'm loving this song at the moment...

Do you get stopped by rainbows?
What are good conversation starters at your house?
What songs are you loving at the moment?

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