Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear Spring

Dear Spring.


Stop just stop PLEASE
I know, I know its probably not fair to blame you but....

seriously... Its been a bit rough eh... Its barely past half way through the first month and so many rough things has happened already.

You may have read this, fair enough that might not be entirely your fault but... you know.

and then today... my car broke... kaput.... can not drive no more no more {yes that did just happen}

It is currently at the mechanics who is doing us a HUGE favour/grand gesture what ever you want to call it and we are lucky, so lucky that he was just up the road from where my car decided it didnt want to go any more, because we practically had to push it... no we didn't, but if we had to drive it {milk it} any further more things would have gone wrong and that would have just sucked.

Don't get me wrong Spring, I am not blaming you for what happen to the car... the car is well used {and very well looked after I would like to add} I have a serious, ser.iou.sssss love for cars and it is WELL looked after. I know what happened is a bit random... and totally uncalled for... but you know.

Spring I am unfortunately blaming you because you are the only common thing that is around when these two things have happened... sorry about that eh.

And because I know... OH I KNOW, things come in threes.

I'm waiting Spring, I'm waiting...


Sincerely... and totally annoyed


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