Sunday, 16 September 2012

Off she goes.

A couple of weeks ago, my sister the only one I have so I have to look after her as I was told repeatedly throughout my childhood.

Flew out of the country on  a big jet plane...

She is off to see the world.

With no return date.

I'm a bit shattered by this eh.
For a couple of reasons really.
I wont get to see her physically for some time
I wont get to give her that Christmas morning hug... its a thingI am totally jealous. But then I have traveled so I shouldn't be, but I am...
Our Son misses her COMPLETELY!

As do I

So far its only been a couple of weeks. 
So it's just like she is on a little holiday.

People say I will get used to it... but I don't think I want to.
I totally one hundred bazillion percent hope she is having an time.
But I would like her to come home now...I have a feeling I'll be typing those nine words for a while yet

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