Wednesday, 12 September 2012

If you dont mind...

 Just when you have your head around the fact that you dont think you want to blog any more
{that was clear as mud wasn't it}.
You look at your blogger dash board and see that your page views has gone up by 250 views in the last week!
For this mere blog THAT IS A LOT.

This space gets me thinking more then you will ever know. 

I am always constantly thinking that I am letting my readers down by not writing often.

I'm constantly thinking about what I should write.

I'm constantly thinking about the stories I want to write about but they seem to get lost in translation between my brain and my fingers, so I never publish them.

The things I want to write about?
Well so many other super amazing blogs have already been there and done that. 
AND I dont want to bore you.

...Maybe I'm over thinking it...

I have seriously thought about just shutting this whole place down.

But I haven't

why? you ask.

Because you helped me...

All of you that are out there have listened to me carry on insistently about how hard it has been for me lately. A lot of you have messaged me privately to say "chin up charlie, it'll get better" and I appreciate that more then you will ever know.

So for now, if you dont mind but I will stick around just a little bit longer... to see if this is really for me or if it was something I needed while things were hard.

But while we are here.
What would you like to hear about?
Could you give me a bit of a clue of what you my lovelies would like to read about.

So that I can find a bit of my mo-jo.

Is there some kind of right of passage for new bloggers, to write about whats already been written until you find your groove.
Am I missing something?
Should I just quit while I'm ahead {I'm not much of a quitter tho}
I would love to hear from you.

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