Monday, 13 January 2014

{#justonething365} Week two

At first I didn't think I was going to be able to keep up with it but this is coming quite naturally to me, when I was working it was apart of my job to take daily observations of the children as apart of my programming. Another thing that I am finding helpful... Every night at the dinner table we talk about our favourite things of the day. It is really cool to be able to see everyone's perceptive of the day and also helps if I am a bit stuck to find my 'just one thing'

Day six: 6/01/14

We went to the aquarium today (it was the Christmas gift from Zia). There were lots of things that were great but if I had to pick just one things. It would be when I went in to wake Ronan up to get ready and I told him that we were going to see the fish and he JUMPED up and down with excitement. Seeing him looking at all the animals with the excitement and awe it wasn't hard to get swept up in it all and it was honestly the best thing. He fed the fish which I am told was AWESOME!

Finnley managed to only see the first three tanks of animals, he slept the whole way around.

Day seven: 7/01/14

I was writing my letter for my task one in a bright project at the dining table and Ronan came racing to the back door shouting
oh ohhh what did he do?
It took me a minute to realise what he was talking about, Cash is make a storage room inside the shed and was installing the door when Ronan shut it... locking Cash inside TOO FUNNY! It didn't take long to get him out.

Day eight 8/01/14

Today we were outside just after 8 am and Ronan was BEGGING for the pool to have water in it and as it was going to be a nice day we filled it up while we went and had porridge for breakfast... after a rest it was ready to go. Watching him play, splash and kick in the pool, with or without his 'surf board' was awesome. He really is our water babe.

Day nine 9/01/14

We went to Dinosaur world with E, A and E today. Ronan LOVED walking around with A even holding hands on occasion. Even though he was frightened of a few of them {read most} he was still in awe of them.
When I was arranging Ronan and A to have photo in front of Ronan's favourite it ROARED the loudest we had heard and it FRIGHTENED Ronan! After I had gathered my composure after laughing so hard we went and participated in a fossil dig...

Finn managed to sleep his whole way around the park... AGAIN!

Day ten 10/01/14

Finn had his first REAL go in the pool today and he LOVED it... splishing and a splashing! it was AWESOME to see him in the water. Looks like we have another water babe.

Day eleven 11/01/14

Just before bed... probably not the best timing. Ronan and I played a game of chase.
Around and around the house... through one back door, onto the deck through the other back door through the house to hide and catch your breath over and over and over again. Oh the joy in his face...

Day twelve 12/01/14

Went to Nonna and Pops for a visit. When we got there we noticed Pop had the sprinkler running off the tank. Ronan upon spotting it the sprinkler whispers to me:
"Mumma, Pop has a sprinkler on"
He sure does matey.
Ronan looking bashfully and shuffling his feet 
"Mumma I want to run in it"
I had thought about saying No, we had literally only just got out of the car and walked in the gate... we had no change of clothes. I looked at him.
Sure mate, Have fun.

45 mins later {{its off a tank}} he was done, dried and playing Lego in the lounge room for the rest of the visit.

Finn LOVED the cuddles with Nonna and Pop and growling at them.


Its not until typing it all out here that I realise what a busy week we have had! 

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This 'little' project was inspired by Daisy.
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  1. Isn't this just THE BEST! It's come to me very naturally too. I write my little snippet from the day in the evening, after the Big and Tiny are in bed for the night.
    You have had quite the busy week! I love Sunday's spontaneity. A sprinkler in operation is just an open invitation, isn't it? X


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