Sunday, 12 January 2014

{#abrightproject} 20 Facts About Me

Here's the thing.
I like to think I am going to commit to things and follow them through the whole year.
You know...
A diary for example... you fill in an entire years worth of birthday and it is lost under a pile of stuff on your desk by the middle of Feb and you find it in July and "oh yea... I was going to use that" start using it for a week and then let if go by the wayside.

We've all been there at one time another.

I chose to participate in the BRIGHT project for many reasons.
One being to stick to it...

But the other reasons are;

I will meet NEW people - HELLO COMFORT ZONE

I will be tested with monthly challenges - HELLO COMFORT ZONE
I will be putting myself out there with gifts and letters - HELLO COMFORT ZONE

Are we sensing a theme here.


So, as I want to be a regular blogger and not letting things fall by the wayside again.

Here is my 20 Facts about me...

That was a mini challenge set by one of the many gorgeous girls in our group.

1- Growing up my favourite animal was a pig.

2- Because of number one I never ate any form of pig. Since becoming a Mumma I'll have 'some' ham and bacon {the things you do eh?}

3- When I was six I dislocated my elbow. I suffered severe nerve damage and now don't have any feeling in my right arm except the top of my thumb and forefinger. The only time I do feel anything is after the physio or chiro has worked on it {YUK}

4- I am ambidextrous because of number 3

5- I don't have a favourite colour, but I am partial to blues, yellow, pinks and some greens

6- I LOVE taking photos, they are very important to me

7- I live for music, always have. Its an important part of my life. There is always music playing somewhere in our home.

8- I play the flute. I can also play the guitar, piano and percussion as well.

9- I have strong morals and I like to surround myself with those who have similar morals.

10- I enjoy being crafty, but space time and money prevent this from happening more often then not.

11- 2013 was one of the most challenging years I have ever had emotionally.

12- I have had 5 miscarriages. They will always be with me. ALWAYS!

13- I have an aversion to the number thirteen. {more about that another time}

14- I have two tattoos, and have plans for more!

15- Amongst my Mum, Dad, Sister, Husband and two boys I am the only one with blue eyes and was a natural blonde... now I am assisted by my hair dressing genius of a friend!

16- The friends I do have are VERY important to me.

17- I have learnt more about myself in the last six months then I have my entire life {which is part of the reason why I joined this project}

18- I'm a people please/giver but do not accept things in return well.

19- I played softball from when I was 8-19. I was the catcher for my team for 7 years.

20- I enjoy being social but I crave my own space more often then not.

If your new here thank you for stopping by.
Can you think of 20 facts about you? DO SHARE!
Let things go by the wayside in the past? THIS is our year!

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