Sunday, 19 January 2014

Body image... it's a funny thing

So here's the thing.

I don't think I am the best person to talk about this... but then why aren't I?

Body image is a funny thing.

inspired by

There are ways I WISHED I looked, sure... could loose a few kilos... more for health reasons then any other.

But when I read this post by the lovely Mrs Woog.

It really got me thinking... about my oldest son.

He is so full of life... 

So full of spontaneity 

So full of affection.

So full of everything.

He will definitely give anything a go {within reason}

And IS NOT afraid to tell you how he feels, about ANYTHING.

That last point is the part I love the most about him.

I have spent my time encouraging him to be the person that he wants to be. 
Setting him boundaries that I think are appropriate and when I say I, I mean my husband and I.

We have a 'fairly' open relationship with him... there are things that a FOUR year old does NOT need to know, or see, or hear about. But most other then not we don't sway from the truth, unless we think we need to.

"What are those two chooks doing Mumma?"

They are copulating matey.

"oh, that's good?"

He has no idea what copulating means. 
But he knows I'm not trying to pull the wool over his eyes and that is the main thing.

He has big boots, my four year old and he uses every opportunity to try and fill them.

Then I read this post from the gorgeous Amy.

And it really got me thinking.

I don't have a daughter, as you know. 

I would love one, sure.

But it really got me thinking about me. 

The way I was raised. The words I heard.

I was never told I was beautiful.

I was bullied and ridiculed because no one knew how to handle my open and honest personality.

I was always told I needed to loose weight.

When I did loose weight I was asked if I was on drugs.

I got INCREDIBLY sick when I was 17/18 and lost 25 kilos because of it... too much weight yes. But there wasn't much I could do about that really.

I was asked again if I was doing drugs. 

My confidence has never been great. 

Always looking for reassurance.

Right now... I am not the heaviest I have been.

But I am not the lightest either.


I would love to loose weight but some medical conditions have inhibited that being an 'easy' task for me. NOT with out the lack of trying.

My body has let me down in more ways then one. AND yet I am still strong. still here still fighting and if I had a daughter... HELL I want my boys to hear this... get up and keep going... when the world feels like its against you just a little, I want you to keep going... to let it help you be a little stronger.

My body... could be better, sure... but its created 7 people and successfully bought two of them into this world.

But it is my body, and it is the way it is... and its here to stay.

May my boys never be told they are too heavy and need to loose weight.

May they be told to go get 'em, even though I know the chances are slim for them

MAY they always have the confidence to just be.

As the old adage goes

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

...and IF you are over age... add vodka!

What did you hear growing up?
Your children full of spunk too?

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring! Thank you


  1. Seen this post pop up on my IG feed & thought I'd pop over & have a chat :)
    Body image has been in my mind since task 2 was issued for A Bright Project. I wrote about how sad it's made me seeing woman have not one single nice thing to say about themselves but I had a big chat to some of my girlfriends about it on Friday too & this is what I came up with-
    I grew up with a mum constantly on a diet. She birthed 7 babies & when I look back I think she looked good but her self esteem was non existent. I think her issues became my issues leading to years of bulimia & anorexia.
    I was always told I was too thin, didn't eat enough but I never looked the way I wanted to so I punished my body & my mind. Those days are long over & even though I still don't look the way I wish I have accepted myself the way I am.
    These days I focus on my mental & physical health. If those two things are in order I feel great! Plus I just don't want to waste anymore time worrying about my belly, my hips or my weight. Why spend time beating myself up when my body is healthy, it can grow & birth humans, it brings pleasure & comfort. Those things are far more important than looking good in my undies ;)

    1. Thank YOU for sharing Reannon! I am of the same theory that if my mental and physical are in check then I'm doing okay. Thank you for stopping by x


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