Monday, 20 January 2014

[#justonething365] Week Three

What a week! 

Day thirteen 13/01/14

An impromtu photo shoot with Finnley saw me capturing him getting up on all fours for the first time!

Ronan and I made Apple Muffins today... when I say made... Ronan did all of the making

Day Fourteen 14/01/14

Finns 6 month photos done today. Can not wait to see them.

Day Fifteen 15/01/14

Finn got up on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth repeatedly! He is definitely getting the hang of this idea of growing up fast!

Loved crafting and quiet activities with Ronan today. Even managed a dip in the pool

Day sixteen 16/01/14

Finnley tried his first bit of rice cereal today... think we might wait a little longer before we try again.

Ronan was very snugly today.

Ronan was also very helpful at the supermarket today, his job was to carry the clip board with the shopping list on it as we walked the aisles. He took the job very seriously! 

Day seventeen 17/01/14

Another hot day. Hopefully that's the last of them for a little while.

Had the boys in the pool when the cool change hit. Ronan in the bigger one and Finn in the baby bath with water that was a little warmer. They had a ball, especially when daddy came home and jumped in too.

Day eighteen 18/01/14

A busy morning out, but I loved being out and about with my family. Market first thing then lunch at a cafe then some more shops in another town.

That evening, an engagement party. Happy Days

Day nineteen 19/01/14

Lots of rocking back and forth happening from our Little Finnley.

The table being covered COVERED in Lego with HOURS of play x


I am loving this project... LOVING IT.

Not only has it gotten me back into documenting our everyday but it also has me wanting to do project life again after 6 months "off"!

Yay to getting crafty!

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  1. Oh my! Finnley is making such progress. It's such a mix of feeling proud of their achievements and sadness that they time is just flying, isn't it? X

    1. I was saying to my Husband this week that I am so proud and excited, but I want him to stop at the same time.
      Thanks for stopping by Bec x


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