Tuesday, 25 March 2014

[me] when ones brain is fried

So yesterday...

Yesterday was not what I would call a great day... My brain just couldn't anymore.

You know when you just CAN NOT ANY MORE!

When ALL OF THE THINGS just get too much.

When the thinking that you do, doesn't really feel like thinking anymore but one big swirly unorganised stressful mess and you just can not work out which one to take care of first. THE CHILDREN COME FIRST OF COURSE... but what about the rest of the things... 

There has been a bit of a lead up to this I suppose.

Yes these are all everyday things, everyone has to deal with a multitude of things each and every single day. BUT yesterday... my brain packed  up shop and left me high and dry and I am taking it as a sign to 'take stock'

Here is what's taking up my functioning brain space at the moment.

Caring for the children

Being a responsible adult...

When people genuinely treat me like I mean nothing... WHY?

Friends who never really were

Solo parenting 6 out of the 7 days a week

The baby waking too many, (WAY TO MANY) times a night.

KILLER lower back and hip pain

Physio appointments at the Hospital

Flooding the laundry... still dealing with that

Cleaning the home (at least the laundry is clean)

Paying the bills,

Extra curricular activities for the children

Looking into a few issues further

The cost of petrol (two competing service stations directly next to each other... on 16.9cents MORE then the other!)... just why?... WHY IS THAT IN MY BRAIN!

Loosing the diary

Planning/buying/preparing the food

Taking on roles of responsibility outside of the home

Those roles becoming crazy and hectic AND time consuming.

Wanting to blog about all the things

Drink water

Being a functioning adult

Call so n so back

Reply to that email

Send that VERY important email

Reply to that pm

Drive to kinder for pick up and drop off

What school is he going to next year.

Is that the best choice for him? For us?

Drink water

Make doctors appointment

The car... just... gah

The baby teething

Buy Panadol & sm33

Possible career advancement for husband... means more hours

People wanting you to create things for them

People wanting you to CREATE THE THINGS NOW

People telling you that you could 'TOTALLY do that as a job...' then thinking about that!

Children throwing 4.8 Year old tantrums (HAVE YOU EVER!!!???)

People asking this of you

People asking that of you

Rumors being spread about you... not all good ones... BUT I SERIOUSLY DO WISH I HAD A YACHT!

Buy birthday card for Nan

Organise appointments.

Still haven't found the diary

Phone loosing all of the appointments that you have set since loosing the diary

Hang the washing up

Sleep train the baby more

Why wont the baby sleep more the a couple of hours at a time

Sweep the deck...

Drink water

Yesterday as I was driving from one side of town to the other I pulled over and took a phone call... The conversation was just too much... I cried, sobbed even... that's when I realised...


from here


I choose me (and my children) today I am taking the day "off" from my brain and I am just "being".

Do your thoughts just get a bit to much and they start to swirl too?
Please just say yes so I don't feel so bad...
What do you do when its all too much?

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.

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