Monday, 24 March 2014

[Lets Play] Jelly Play-dough

With the weather getting cooler and feeling the change in the seasons around us we have welcomed Autumn with open arms, I love the hot days I really do.. but I REALLY love the cooler mornings with a warm crisp day... there is something about it isn't there?

With the cooler days becoming more prevalent we are finding ourselves gravitating to more indoor play and with that brings a new mindset... A change in sensory play is needed...

Less water/slime/water bead focused, dirt/sand/mud play & other gross motor sensory things that require more washing (for me). 

We are now focusing our play on more smell/warmth/taste/sight and of course feel sensory play with a focus more on fine motor skills. There will be elements of outdoor play yes... I'm sure a muddy puddle or 2,475,341,385 will be jumped in.

But inside... For this week.

Jelly Play-dough... Oh the sweet/Tangy smell of Lime Jelly Play-dough.

This is something that I have always made. With years spent working in Early Childhood Education I have made PLENTY of batches of play dough... But this, this was always a favourite...

The full bold colours and the awesome smells. Whether it be the sweet smell of raspberry or the tangy-ness of the lime or lemon.

It is an absolute favourite around these parts.


Do you make your own play dough?

Ever tried it with Jelly?
What's your favourite sensory activity?

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.

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