Tuesday, 15 April 2014

[Easter] Colouring activities.

With the weather being a bit dismal last week, we spent most of our first week of the holidays inside. 

A few weeks ago we changed Ronan's room around this allowing him to have a desk where he could draw/colour and create freely. This is something he hasn't had the space to do freely since Finnley has been here, due to the table he is usually able to draw/colour and create freely on has been taken over by capsules and other baby paraphernalia.

With his 'new found space' he has been requesting things to colour... as apposed to draw his own creations because he has been wanting to practice colouring in the lines (bless).

So here are some of the Easter themed pages he has been doing that I thought you might like as well. 

I have found most of these via Pinterest or Google and have linked you to the appropriate web page just click the pictures that take your fancy and they will take you straight there, where available.

These are the ones that I found best for Ronan at this time... but with just a quick look around I found simpler ones for the younger children and some that are bit more complex for the older kiddos.

This one has been done several times with some of them being quite hilarious.

See what else we have been up to... here and here

What have you been up to these holidays?
Been up to any Easter crafts? DO share!

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.

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