Monday, 28 April 2014

This online world

There have been times and stages throughout my life that are tougher then average... you know, we all have them.

I have friends who know and understand me enough to know when things are bad and they come and leave things on my door step as an offering to my smile to come out and say hello.

It helps, the thoughtfulness of it all just breaks me... because that... that is what makes friendship as well as laughter, listening and general love. It all helps really. 

But the standing up when things are bad for someone else is a true testament to a friendship (I feel)

This online world that I have created is something else, I find it is like minded people coming together and allowing each other into their lives without ever meeting each other, Instagram and this bloggy space has helped that.

There have been people in this world that have helped me through some bloody hard times, when I miscarried again you were there, when I was on the 'safe' side of newly pregnant you were there, when I need ideas for gifts/dinner/shoes you are there.

They have helped me smile.


There have been blog posts that have resonated with me from bloggers that I admire and I still carry them with me for different reasons.

I follow a broad range of blogs for many reasons... but all because they make me happy or are informative or are just dang funny.

Here are my favs at the moment.

Baby Mac
I adore Beth, she was one of the first blogs I 'discovered' when I was going through a serious case of insomnia after we had lost one of our babes, she made me laugh when I needed it, I love the way she writes about her little corner of the world. If you don't know of Beth, pop over and have a squiz... you wont be disappointed.
Hello Owl
I meat Danielle, through instagram. I love the way she captures the stories through her photos. 
Kirsten and Co
Kirsten and I go way back... I remember the VERY first blog post of hers that I read and then I one a prize from her and we have joked with each other ever since... Kirsten has grown in this bloggy space... even finding herself landed in the kidspot top thirty bloggers in personal and parenting! I know... I'm so proud!
Life at no.2
I am a new reader of Bel's, but I adore the way she writes! You will too!
Life Love Hiccups
I found Sonia, on one of those 'why wont I sleep' nights... and have not stopped since... 
Mumma Tells
Rebecca and I are new to each other, she friended me on Instagram and its be FUN ever since, I think being in similar new baby status has helped! I adore her words and the stories she writes of her two babes. Rebecca has also found herself smack bang in the Kidspot top thirty for personal and parenting and I couldn't be prouder of her. To see her little corner grow and expand with all the new people commenting is a sight to behold.
Practising Simplicity
If you are a regular reader here you will know that I have started with The 52 Project... It is something I have wanted to do for AGES I am so please I have... I have a little photo album filling up and for that I have Jodi to thank.
Raising Master Max
I am not exactly sure how Cherie came to be in my little world. Its not unknown that I adore her... her kindness got me through some far out ridiculously tricky times. I love the way she says it like it is and I love her photos!

The Beetle shack
I am also new to this space... but so far I am loving what I am reading.
The Veggie Mumma
I love the upfront, tells it like it is mother of two little awesomes that Stacey is.
I 'met' Mrs Woog via Beth from BabyMac. The way she sees the world and retells it... gold.

So there you have it... A whole lot of gushing over people you may or may not know and who really have no idea who I am.

But as I said... if it wasn't for some of them... I would still be finding my smile.

So go on... Pop over... say Hi x

This post was inspired by this post from Cherie, Raising Master Max

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. I found myself nodding along to Cherie's post this morning too. I love the blogosphere. It has truly been freeing from what would otherwise be an intensely isolating experience. I am humbled to have been included in your reads/on your parenting adventure. But as for knowing you? I have always felt I have with you. You are a sweet and loving soul and a darn fabulous Mumma. x

    1. Oh Bec, thank you!

      Your words are just too kind!

      I think the same about you! haha

      And yes... I too feel the same... like I have known you forever!


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