Monday, 21 April 2014

[Easter] The recap.

Despite not being used to being home for Easter (we are usually camping) a beautiful day was had.

The day started the normal time with the discovery of eggs on bedside tables and through out the house leading to the treasure trove. 

I had used the tree at our Mothers Group Family Breakfast that we have twice a year (Easter & Christmas) and after realising that I wont have the esky out for the Easter Bunny to leave the gifts on it seemed like a logical place.

The pretty shiny wrappers were explored, books were read, chocolate was consumed and the excitement was escaping out of a certain four year old I know... and to be honest I don't think it stopped until well after bed time.

We had Roast for lunch AND dinner... I KNOW! 


Family time is truly the best, isn't it... Cousins playing... exploring... eggs laid strategically for treasure hunting. 

And after all of the excitement with half an hour in between guests it started ALL again when Zia arrived with MORE little presents for the boys!

It was an amazing day. 

Just the way it should be.

What did you get up to for Easter?
Do you decorate for Easter too?
Ever done a tree???

Your comments are not only awesome! They are inspiring!
Thank you.


  1. It looks and sounds like you and your family had a most wonderful day. I love the tree and adore F's little green bunny jumper! Oh so sweet. X

    1. The jumper is just divine! I COULD NOT walk past it! x


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