Thursday, 1 March 2012

Indoor 'water' play - sensory play

Among my many travels on Facebook... yes I said many

I came across this on A little delightful's page. Okay this is one of my go to blogs lately for inspiration or just general random questions and Bianca has been truly wonderful in sharing her knowledge.

Okay enough gushing... lol

As most of you know it was hot last weekend -tho you wouldn't know that now with the rain hitting my window.

I bought some of the pearls AGES ago. Not long after Bianca had put up the above post anyways would you believe it hadn't been hot enough to use them... so we waited
and voila! 

He choose to sit on the couch with the cooler
and literally played with them for ages.
we did add things to the 'water' but he didn't want that.
They are as amazing as they look - tho in saying that I am a real sensory person so this sort of thing is really me.
BUT he did want to feed them to the dinosaur lol

Luckily the dinosaur was patient enough to be force fed water balls for a good half an hour,
otherwise there could of been tears and lost fingers
They are currently sitting on our hall stand in one of my favourite vases, waiting to be welcomed back to play, with the above mentioned dinosaur posing as a beautiful flower.

Such a good boy. lol

Would love to know how you keep cool. 
Any Questions let me know

Tara x


  1. teehee! LOVE the dino in a vase lol.

  2. Thanks B. Hes been removed as we have found some awesome mixed sea animals and apparently they needed to go in my large pirex dish to play with 'da balls'


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