Thursday, 3 May 2012

Going for a ride on a big Jet plane!

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In a few weeks we will be going on a big jet plane!
My son is for lack of a better word FREAKING EXCITED.
Hes been on planes before but can not remember.
He was 6 months and then 17months
Myself on the other hand have just started to let myself get excited  
much to the relief of my friends lol
  I haven't even started to write a list yet, well I started one but I lost it and cant remember what was on it so I have to start again.

So tell me.
What do I need to entertain the small male man on the plane.
Last time we had a telly in the seat in front so we paid for that and he was content with that and some books.
This time its a bit different. 
He's older now and he likes to move.
This time he has his own seat thank goodness and he got a small suit case from Santa last Christmas intended for the plane trip, clever man that Santa.
So I can fill it up with all things small male likes.

But what do you recommend?
What should I not travel without?
What should I not bother with?


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