Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sweet start to the day...

I bake often...
But not religiously.

I haven't bake for a while according to the Husband and a while would be about a week.

I have this go to recipe that I got from the Stay At Home Mum's Website if you haven't been there to have a squiz I totally recommend having a look. They have helped us out personally with lots of meals and budgeting tips... I digress...

SO my go to recipe is what they call 120 Biscuits for less than $5

We just call them biccies.

I stay true to the recipe which is,
500gms of butter
1 Can of condensed milk
5 Cups of SR flour
1 Cup of Sugar

Cream the butter and sugar then mix in the rest...
simple fast and easy just the way I like it.

Any way this morning, there was yet another comment from the Husband who had is head so far in the pantry that all I could see was his fine bum sticking out this vision still cracks me up cos its like he was being swallowed whole! So from the muffling surrounds of flour, sugar, pasta and the like. I heard WHAT should I take for snacks today?

Right thats it get outta the way and before I knew it I was creaming butter and sugar before I could say would you like some biscuits DEAR? through gritted teeth of course!

So with my littlest helper in tow I was tripping over lunch boxes, toasters and little fingers pinching the creamed butter but I survived.
The bit I love most about this recipe is that it can be frozen and it defrosts and cooks beautifully after being frozen unlike some disasters
Im the best iphoneographer EVER!

  So the quantity above makes about six weeks of biscuits which is great for this budget wielding Mumma.

By 8 o'clock this morning I had a dozen piping hot yummyness cooling on the kitchen bench. To bad hubby has already gone to work...

What a sweet start to the day.
Have a great day peeps x

Oh before I go I add Cadbury cooking chocolate, Glace' cherries and roughly chopped unsalted peanuts to the mixture before freezing and cooking.
I TOTALLY recommend giving that combo a go... I is AMAZING!

Not sponsored by anyone other then myself.
What is your go to recipe?
Do you loose your husband in the pantry or am I the only one?

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