Thursday, 3 May 2012

It would seem I have 'okay' remorse.

This weekend is going to be tough.

It would seem I have 'okay' remorse. Its a bit like buyers remorse but when you say okay to something then when time comes closer to the fact you start regretting that decision. 

Hubby is going camping this weekend and it was organised last week this was before we didn't see him all last weekend and before he worked until 6-7 every night this week.


He leaves at lunch time tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong I am more then happy for him to go and do the manly things that happens when you go camping with just a group of guys as apposed to when you camp with your family.
I also dont want to know what happens on those camping trips either with all the fart jokes and smelly boy stuff. blah.

But when it feels like I haven't seen him properly for over a week it starts to put a bit of a strain on things and considering how I think its starting to take and an affect on our son I say this because his behaviour has been more then testing which is not like our normal small male man.

It going to be hard for the small male man while his Dad's away they have a morning routine that they like to do things a certain way and they like to help each other make each others breakfast. While I lay in bed till 7.

SO you can see why this is going to be a tough weekend, who's going to let me lay in till 7 and more importantly who's going to make me my morning cup of TEA???


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