Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Learning to be a sideline Mumma

I've mentioned before the my son does swimming lessons, he has done them since he was 6 months old he has loved most of every minute of it. I say most of it because there was a stage there where he would Koala hug me while we were in the water for about 5 lessons. That was hell but the screaming was worse.

This year he has been in the transition group where they spend 3/4 of the class in the big pool with their adult and then the other 1/4 in the little pool with their swim coach.

A couple of weeks ago it was discussed that he is old enough to go to the next stage of lessons where they spend the whole time in the little pool with just their coach and I sit on the side lines. sigh.

I took a deep breathe and swallowed that information. But since starting the transition classes his time in the big pool has become more and more stressful because he has realised that there is meant to be a bottom of the pool and that he cant touch the bottom of the big pool. The terrified look in his eyes is so sad.

It was getting to a point that I was just waiting for the okay for him to go to the next stage. But I didn't want to wish this time away. Once he changes groups, that's it, he doesn't need me for swimming any more. I enjoy the times we spend in the pool. I enjoy the water and I love encouraging him to commit to those challenges, like jumping off the mat and diving off the wall and when he does the the pure joy and look on his face of 'yes I did it' is fabulous.

So today was another one of those lessons were I couldn't convince him otherwise and then he started asking to go in the other pool. Right decision made time to move up. He LOVES the water and is always chomping at the bit to get in. but he is just not enjoying the time in the big pool any more.

So next week is his first class in the little pool all by himself. I am going to feel a bit lost not butting my swimmers on before we go, I'm going to feel a little lost just sitting on the side line.
Although I wont need to take as many towels so that's a plus, I wont freeze my but off drying him and getting him dressed before my self that's a plus.

I'm so proud of him for getting where he is. 
I cant wait to watch him grow more by achieving new things in the little pool.
But its now time for me to be a sideline Mumma.
I hope I dont cry.

Do your little ones swim?
Are they uber confident in the water?

Would love to hear from you 


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