Saturday, 28 December 2013

{2013} The year that was

The weather was hot

The air con broke
My belly grew
We prepared for Kinder
Many days spent at the beach
We spent lots of days at home
We were tourists in our own town
We had people over to stay

Ronan started kinder
I walk around aimlessly
My belly grew
Days were busy

My belly continued to grow
Hospital appointments
Easter weekend
We went away

Thought about getting the impending babys room together
My belly grew
MORE hospital appointments
Made some changes to the house
Sleep ins

Mothers Day
Ronan filled dreams {Jay Laga'aia}

Baby Showers thrown
Belly growing... I see a theme here

Birthday Celebrations {mine and Ronan's}
Due Dates pass
Belly CONTINUES to grow
Health scares
Learning about patience

Birthday Celebrations {Husbands}

The BIRTH of our second born!
Belly shrinking
Breast feeding trials
Washing machine breaking {timing!!!!!!!}
Sweet baby newness
Health trials for Ronan

Lactation consultants
Babys growing
Professional photo shoots in my home

I am able to stand long enough to bake
Still getting to know each other
My niece was born
Bigs had to learn how to share
Baby grows {time needs to learn to slow}
Mind is getting stronger
Fathers day

High school reunions
Heart break
New Camera
New baking equipment

Learning about myself some more
Becoming stronger...
Learning {again}
Blog re-launch {yaaay!}
Paddle-pop weather
Dance partys
Christmas Celebrations beginning

Learning and growing {all of us}
Christmas Elves causing havoc
Summer bucket lists

What a year it has been... I have learnt so much this year!

I have learnt that its not all that cracked up to be.
People who you trust will disappoint you.
I have learnt that I am stronger and braver then I thought.
That people I have to call family aren't
But people who aren't, are 
I have pushed myself beyond recognition 

That I am a good Mumma
No matter the distance or time spent together... friends are still friends.

That there are friendships there you just have to lift the layers.

Through all the trials and triumphs...

2013 I thank you.

Stay Safe!
Have Fun
But most of all...
Stay Fabulous!


See you in 2014!

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