Monday, 9 December 2013

A Christmas tradition

Every year we go as a family to the local Christmas tree farm and pick our very own Christmas tree for our home... the perfect one is picked each year so that it can help us decorate the house... protect presents lovingly put underneath it with care... and to make the house smell Christmas-o-rific.

This year was no different... except the fact that we have an extra person { HAPPY DAYS!}
Because of this extra person requiring lots of things that has taken up half of our house, I decided that we should put the tree on our corner table this year rather then next to the back door because the baby swing is there.

We went in search of a 4ft tree and we found one... she is beautiful

One other tradition we have is putting the star on the tree... Ronan has done it for the last couple of years and seeing as Finnley is still only little, Ronan got to do it again this year...

Do you get a tree every year?
Who decorates?
Who puts the star on?
Any special traditions that you do?

Stay Fabulous!

Tara x

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