Thursday, 5 December 2013

Our summer bucket list

Last year we made a list of things we wanted to do, not so much resolutions, but more of a wish list... it worked to a degree, but it kind of got forgotten about by the middle of the year. 

So this year we are attempting something a little different.

We all sat down and spoke about what we would like to do over the warmer months and we jotted them down and in the end we had quite an extensive list of things we would like to do.

This created our Summer bucket list.

The attempt is, to try and spend more time together and actually doing things while spending that time together, instead of just hanging around at home. 

DON'T GET ME WRONG spending time at home is okay too and it WILL be done... just not everyday... 

NOT every weekend.

Some of the things on our list are simple things but for this family... for me... not so much...this list will also challenge me... challenge my everyday struggles and its time I did that, but more on that another time.

Some of the items on our summer bucket list are;

Picnic at the beach
Go to a market
Go to a concert
Go fishing

Build a sand castle

The list goes on there are about 30 things on it... if we achieve them all... well that would be AWESOME... if not we will stick them on next years.

I whacked the list in a frame that I had laying around and stuck it on a wall in our entry way.
Its a place where we walk through a BAZILLION times a day and we can stop and read it when ever we like.

Although... I am not loving the frame, so Ill be heading to the shops to get another one soon.

 BUT FOR NOW... it is up and happening!

We are still undecided whether we will do a goals list for the year of 2014. 
I suppose we will see how the summer bucket list goes.

Do you have a bucket list?
Its not to late to create one...
Any questions PLEASE ask!

Stay Fabulous!



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