Friday, 6 December 2013

Our 2013 advent calender

The thing I have been struggling a lot with in the last year or so is...

"oh that is a great idea I WILL absolutely do that" then time passes and it doesn't happen... and I get totally bummed out about how I have missed another opportunity to "do".

The lead up to Christmas this year has been an exhausting one... there are things happening within this home that I did not expect.
And do you know what they have taken the puff out of me.

The absolute PUFF!

 And because of this 'Unexpected Thing' I have been focusing on things that involve my little family and them only.

I was wanting to organise an "elf on the shelf"
It didn't happen...

So, then I was all like I will totally organise an advent calender and I WILL MAKE ALL THE THINGS...
It didn't happen...


So when I caught up with my friend down the street and she was talking about doing this advent calender and that she had found some awesome ideas at the local Christmas shop, I was all... YOU KNOW WHAT I have been thinking of doing that and just haven't gotten around to it... Hope you don't mind, but can you get me one too!

We bounced ideas off each other... gifts, activities I could feel the excitement growing inside me and I was like YES THIS MUST BE DONE.

I'm still exhausted... The Unexpected Thing must still be dealt with daily... but this is something I want to do... 

I need it...

I need to bring some magic back into this house and how else to do that then with some Christmas Magic...

So on the night of the 30th of November or Summers Eve, The Christmas Elves stopped by and installed an advent calender...

Cheeky things

Each night they visit... they leave an activity card in the next days stocking and they leave a present as well... only something small, its either just something for a bit of fun... or its directly related to the days activity.

It is awesome!!!


The thing I love the most is... 


He is loving it and you know what...


Are you advent-ing?
If so how are you doing it?
How do you create Christmas magic in your home?
Next year I am getting a shelf on the elf!!!

Stay Fabulous!


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